Weekly Wild Keeper: Halle Homel

Weekly Wild Keeper: Halle Homel

Name: Halle Homel
Location: Riverside, CA
Term: Fall '18
Favorite Wild Place: Sequoia National Park

This is Halle’s first term as a Wild Keeper. She’d been following us for a while, and she loved seeing all of the work we were actually doing, so she decided to apply. Growing up, Halle’s parents would take her hiking, but she didn’t always love it. However, she does think that’s where her appreciation for the outdoors started. Now, she loves hiking, connecting with other women from her group, and exploring new trails.

Since, being a Wild Keeper, she has felt so inspired. Halle has loved connecting with other people that aren’t just talkers, but actually get out and do the work. She’s gotten to try new trails and loves encouraging others to clean up trash along the way. She’s already super stoked for the next Wild Keeper term in January!

Halle is currently in college, majoring in creative writing. She loves to write Sci-Fi with environmental themes, and she’s actually on her third draft of her first novel. And she promises to send us a copy when it’s finished! Halle feels like being in the outdoor space has helped her figure out who she is, and it has definitely influenced her writing.

Instagram: @hallehomel


Meet Halle's mentor, Ashleigh Covarrubias!

This is Ashleigh’s first term as a mentor, but it’s her second as a Wild Keeper. She’s a geologist, environmentalist, and an all-around nature-lover. She’s always loved being outside - camping, hiking, and even making mud pies when she was little. Her favorite wild place is pretty much anywhere in the Sierras, but she also recently went to Alberta and Alaska over the summer and fell in love with those areas as well.

Ashleigh loves being part of the KNW community through the Wild Keeper program, and she’s super excited to plan her first cleanup before the next Impact Day. She loves being part of a group that makes a big impact. “We are all contributing to something bigger than ourselves, sharing our love for the environment while being surrounded by so many amazing (and new) friends,” Ashleigh said. She tries to be inspiring and supportive for her Wild Keepers, and loves sharing the positive message!

Ashleigh nominated Halle to be our featured Wild Keeper this week because right off the bat, Halle was super involved and so excited to be a Wild Keeper. She says that she can feel so much positive energy from Halle and her adventurous posts. For the first Impact Day, Halle got a group of SoCal Wild Keepers together to clean up Forest Falls!

Quick Overview:

A Wild Keeper is an ambassador that does more than just rock our gear. They participate in monthly #ImpactDays by removing trash from a wild place in their local community.

A Mentor is the leader of a small group of Wild Keepers. Along with participating in #ImpactDays, Mentors also offer encouraging and educational advice to their group members.

Learn more about the Wild Keepers program.

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