Outdoor Community Resource List

Hey friends! Here at Keep Nature Wild, our mission is two fold: 1. Build community 2. Pick up trash outside! We talk a lot about the 2nd part of our mission but have left the building community part to be more of an organic part of who we are and what we do. Well, we are changing that! It’s time to work towards building community, especially to our friends who are under-represented in the outdoors. We have created an Outdoor Community Resource List to help unite us as a community, to learn from one another, and to share diverse perspectives, and current events in the outdoors. This page will regularly be updated as we continue to learn and educate ourselves. We are thankful for this community that is eager and committed to learning, making changes, and taking action! We invite you to join us in learning how we can do the work to make the outdoors feel welcoming to everyone.

Articles to Read

Articles we've been sharing with each other and reading around the office: 

Books to Check Out

Books that we have personally bought/read or added to our own to-be-read lists! (All linked to BIPOC-owned bookstores you can purchase from!) 

Accounts to Follow

Accounts we've been following! A lot of these accounts are also non-profits working towards racial equity in the outdoors. Please consider donating if you can, follow them, read and listen to their stories and experiences. 


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