Top 4 Netflix Documentaries About Saving Our Oceans

Top 4 Netflix Documentaries About Saving Our Oceans

Posts and articles and blogs about plastic pollution seem to be everywhere. It is easy to get bogged down in the words without really understanding the issues. Plastics and other pollutants are taking a toll on our oceans and rivers. Documentaries do a great job of providing a visual that can help you better understand what is really going on. Here are some Netflix documentaries that may help you better understand some of the issues as well as appreciate what we have to lose. 

1. A Plastic Ocean 

This film’s producer joins an expedition to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to investigate the extent of plastic pollution. The filmmakers brought in scientists and researchers to help tell the story and lay out the facts. If you want to see the impact of our plastic consumption, this documentary is sure to inspire. 

2. Chasing Coral 

Coral reefs are vanishing at an astonishing rate. Corals teem with life, but it is easy as land-dwelling creatures to forget about the magnificence of the underwater environment. This documentary shows how corals are dying and will hopefully rouse people to action. It is action-packed and visually stunning. 

3. The Blue Planet 

The Blue Planet is a captivating series that dives under the ocean’s surface to examine its watery depths. The more we know and appreciate the ocean, the more likely we are to take steps to protect her. The ocean is how to a fascinating array of creatures that are sure to stretch your imagination. 

4. Mission Blue

Oceanographer Sylvia Earle is campaigning to save the oceans. This film is about her life and work. It focuses on her mission to protect marine areas like underwater national parks. Get ready for a wake-up call. 

So, grab your popcorn and your best snuggle buddy and enjoy some compelling films. Don’t be surprised if you are anxious to take action even as the closing credits roll. Our oceans need our help.

Narrator: This blog was thoughtfully written by Amy Gravlee. You can find her on Instagram @amygrvl.

*photos courtesy of Netflix*

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