4 Awesome Anti-Littering Campaigns

4 Awesome Anti-Littering Campaigns

Over the years, some pretty creative minds have come up with some crazy tactics to get people to put their trash where it belongs. We've seen ad campaign after ad campaign encouraging people to stop being litterbugs. Here are some of our favorites from cities all over the world!

Don't Mess with Texas

Not everyday does the slogan from an ad campaign turn into a statewide mantra. That's right, "Don't Mess with Texas" comes from an initiative to get people to stop littering! Trash cans with funny sayings pop up randomly across the state, and can be tracked down using an interactive map. And if you catch a litterer in the act, you can report their (Texas) license plate number, and TxDOT sends the driver a litterbag and a letter telling them to cut it out!

McDonald's Stockholm

In Sweden, McDonald's started a campaign encouraging people to trade in cans for food. A bag with 10 cans gets you a hamburger or cheeseburger, and a bag with 40 cans gets you a Big Mac. So, if you ever find yourself in Stockholm, be on the lookout for the location that accepts "cards, cash & cans."

London Neat Streets

The city of London launched an anti-littering campaign unlike most of the other ones that we usually see. Instead of trying to shame people into throwing away their trash or make them fear a life surrounded by litter, the city tried positive reinforcement. They encouraged people to use their microtrash, like gum or cigarette butts, to do fun activities, like vote in polls.

Live Green Toronto

An organization in Toronto started an ad campaign to keep trash off the city's streets. Using the slogan, "Littering says a lot about you," the ads showed different pieces of trash overlapping to form new words - saying something about the person that threw it on the ground.

Lesson learned - don't litter! We're loving all of these efforts to keep trash where it belongs, and we can't wait to see more creative campaigns in the future!

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