What is our Summer term theme?

What is our Summer term theme?
Every month our Wild Keeper program has a theme that helps our volunteers find some inspiration and encouragement. Today is the start of our Summer 2023 term, with the overarching theme of Making a SPLASH for Nature! 💧 

What does that mean to us? Water is an essential resource that we need, enjoy and value but it is also the home to an alarming amount of plastic pollution and litter. We want to take this term to spotlight caring for waterways (rivers, streams, oceans, lakes, ponds...you name it) and how important water is to keep clean, healthy and preserved. 

You will see our efforts laid out with our 4 themes for the months of our Summer term next! 

June: Celebrate Sustainably – 

This month, let's practice being intentional with celebrations and parties around the summer holidays!

1) Focus on skipping the single-use supplies for holiday celebrations! Opt instead for reusable or compostable utensils, plates and dish ware.

2) Consider getting foods and treats for your festivities from local sources and farmers markets to boost the community and eat sustainably.

3) Try DIY decorations or repurposed decorations you already have on hand instead of purchasing plastic and single-use items!

4) Try minimizing food waste by attempting to get an exact head count for parties and activities and asking people to bring reusable Tupperware to take home leftovers with them! Everyone gets something tasty and there isn't any food dumped out!

5) We’ll also learn about how so much trash ends up in waterways after holiday weekends and what we can do to limit this from happening in our areas!

July: Water Connects Us All –

Calling all fishermen, kayakers, canoers, beach-goers, lakeside chillers, paddleboarders, and anyone spending time near the water this summer:

Enjoy the water, and remember to leave nothing but footprints on your vacations and day trips to the water!

August: World Water Week  –

This month, we'll be asking ourselves questions like this:

1) What do you appreciate about your access to clean water?


2) Where do your water resources come from in your area?


3) How long does it take for litter to break down in water?


4) Which local waterway can you go pick trash out of?

5) How does my personal effort create a positive impact for the waterways near me?

September:  National Cleanup Day!  –

Grab your gloves, litter pickers, bags, and buckets! It's time to go cleanup the planet!

In September, we'll be rallying together for National Cleanup Day and making a huge difference in our local wild spaces. Stay tuned for rad opportunities to get involved with other like-minded nature-lovers.

As you can see, our theme of Make A SPLASH for Nature is not only a name, but a call to action. Through mindfulness, taking action, educating ourselves about our resources and continuing to grow and take steps towards a more sustainable, equitable and cared for planet - we can make big impacts together! 

Join us and let's all nurture the natural spaces around us, together! 

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