June 2023 Impact Report

June 2023 Impact Report
Ahhh our first Impact Day of the Summer term has come and gone! June was a great start to the summer term with roughly 700 volunteers going out to remove litter from nature! Our community removed 7,138.54 pounds of litter in the month of June alone - that is so much litter from around neighborhoods, walk ways, waterways, creeks, lakes - you name it! 

 Every month we have Impact Day at the end of the month to celebrate our community, raise awareness about the issues and impact of littering in nature, and spreading the word that caring for nature is a really, really cool thing to do. 

Every month we have a theme to inspire our community and June's theme was "Celebrate Sustainability"   

We always to encourage mindfulness around celebrating, swapping out single-use items, DIY decorating and more! 


We are heading into July now and our theme will be "Water Connects Us All!" - join us for July and give back to the areas you love near you! 

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