May 2023 Impact Report

May 2023 Impact Report
We are so excited to share about our May 2023 Impact! Every month we have Impact Day at the end of the month to celebrate our community, raise awareness about the issues and impact of littering in nature, and spreading the word that caring for nature is a really, really cool thing to do. 

Every month we have a theme to inspire our community with May's theme was "Keep Nature Blooming" 🌸  

We take all of the efforts we've been making, all the seeds we've been planting, and start to see them blossom! Take your starting points and continue to cultivate the practices and intentionality into your day-to-day life! Here are some ideas for how to put this into action:

1. Sign up for one newsletter, or educational resource or follow a new Instagram page that focuses on educating the masses on environmental issues, solutions and current events.

2. Join us in removing litter and inviting your community to join you!

3. Opt to visit a farmers market and support your local makers and raisers for the freshest, seasonal items.

4. Celebrate National River cleanup day by caring for a water space near you! No matter if it is a river, creek, lake, ocean or pond....these essential water ecosystems deserve our care and attention!

 5. Donate to one organization (if you have the means to do so) that aligns and stands for the care and nurturing of something you believe in.

Our community came together to remove 25,160.64 pounds of litter from nature during the month of May! During the Spring term we removed 173,239.46 pounds in total. 🤯 

We are heading into June and our Summer term for the Wild Keeper program. Our applications to apply to be a Wild Keeper for the Summer term are open now through June 12th! Learn more and apply here

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