KNW Women in the Outdoors

KNW Women in the Outdoors

Meet the AMAZING women of Keep Nature Wild! These ladies are passionate advocates for the outdoors, and are the force behind everything we do. Here are their stories!

"When I’m in the outdoors, I feel present, grateful, and alive. Getting caught up in our daily tasks is so easy that we forget to slow down and be present. When in nature, I love immersing in all the sounds, sights, and smells it has to offer; it really helps clear my mind.

My favorite way to enjoy nature is to take trips out of state to explore new landscapes and hiking trails! What we do more often and love just as much is camping in our home state of Michigan.

Keeping nature wild to me means spending time in it to gain love and appreciation for its beauty while not destroying, disrupting, or altering the environment. Always remember that we are visitors and must preserve it for future generations to enjoy!"

"You’ll most likely find me on a trail run in the mountains with my running crew! When I’m out in nature, I feel grounded, inspired, connected, and empowered.

Spending two months living out of my car in the San Juan Mountains several years ago was truly special. I learned I need very little to be happy and fulfilled. I woke up inspired every day to explore the mountains and my own mind, connected with locals, and allowed my life to be so simple - it was such a gift.

To me, keeping nature wild means nurturing, preserving, and being a steward for all of our spaces, wildlife, and ecosystems. It means respecting and appreciating all that nature gives me and giving back. It also means honoring and creating space for everyone to be able to experience and love nature through any medium."

"When I feel connected to nature, I feel relaxed, yet able to focus on my surroundings like the bird calls or the sound of wind in the bushes. I always love water, especially the ocean and being near it. Maybe it has something to do with my mom taking me to the coast as a young child.

Now, you’ll most likely find me in the desert with my friends & family.

To me, keeping nature wild means that everyone can do their own little part to make a difference.  Pitching in and cleaning up in your own community helps!"

"One of my most meaningful memories in the outdoors is mushroom hunting with my dad. When I was little, we would go camping and he taught me how to forage for mushrooms. I learned which ones were edible, and how to dry them so we'd have mushrooms to eat throughout the year. 

Now, you’ll most likely find me hiking on a trail or camping in the wild with my friends. When I’m out there, I feel present. Nature has a way of forcing you into the moment, which I appreciate.

To me, keeping nature wild means giving back. Nature gives so much to us, but doesn't have the voice to ask for anything in return. It's our duty to give thanks and take care of her."


"My favorite way to get outside is hiking & gardening. One of my favorite memories in the outdoors is a recent 13-mile hike I did with my dad in the Superstition mountains. It was the most challenging thing I’ve put my body through in quite some time. I felt so proud of myself for pushing through and finishing. We got to see some of the most beautiful parts of Arizona and I’ll never forget it!

When I feel connected to nature, I feel proud of my body being able to take me to new places, nostalgic for my childhood when I was able to be outside so much more, and peaceful.

To me, keeping nature wild means being an example to my kids that the Earth is tender and needs us to take better care of her. We’ve made a mess of things and it’s our responsibility to fix it."

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