February 2023 Impact Report

February 2023 Impact Report
We are so excited to share about our February 2023 Impact! Every month we have Impact Day at the end of the month to celebrate our community, raise awareness about the issues and impact of littering in nature, and spreading the word that caring for nature is a really, really cool thing to do. 

Every month we have a theme to inspire our community with February's theme being "Sustainability is for Sweethearts" 💕 

How can we show nature our heart eyes for everything that it does for us? All the joy and love and appreciation we find in nature can so easily be translated into making some swaps and mindful decisions that translate to positive impact! 

So how can you be a sustainable sweetheart?

1. Get reusable cloths for your kitchen that cuts down single use of paper towels!

2. See litter while you're out walking, biking, hiking, paddling... anywhere where it doesn't belong? Join us in being intentional and picking it up and disposing of it properly! (You can join cleanups with us every month, too!)

3. Swap your hair ties for biodegradable ones (we always lose them!)

4. Invest in some Stasher bags over plastic ziploc baggies!

5. Get a reusable, rechargeable lighter instead of always getting plastic lighters.

Our community came together to remove 17,784.08 pounds of litter from nature during the month of February! This is a massive amount of litter that was removed from outdoor spaces all of the United States (and 14 other countries!) This brings our total litter removed from nature to 864,844 pounds 🤯 

From group cleanups that removed over 7,000 pounds of litter to every person who went out and removed 0.5 pounds of litter, every single bit counts and leaves our natural spaces that much healthier. We are helping care for wildlife, our communities, the spaces we frequent, the ecosystems and health of our water and soil - this is a powerful and incredible way to give back, together! 

We partnered with organizations and companies like the Sonoran Institute, Keep Tucson Beautiful, Christy Sports, Parks Project, Full Throttle Yoga, Sanitas Brewing, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake, and more! 

We can't wait to see what we do together for March 🍀 

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