All About Impact Day

Impact Day: a day once a month when Wild Keepers all over the globe post about the impact they've made in their community. For one day, our Instagram is flooded with photos and stories about the trash that people are picking up in their areas. So, yeah, it's our favorite day of the month!

Yesterday was the first Impact Day of the Fall Wild Keeper Term, and we were blown away! We have over 1,000 Wild Keepers, with at least one in every single state and 10 other countries. They cleaned up their neighborhoods, favorite trails, the beach, and college campuses. They picked up cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic water bottles, and dog poop bags. They got their friends, kids and dogs involved. They all posted on their personal Instagrams, and together, they all made a HUGE impact! Yesterday, Wild Keepers removed 8,264 lbs of trash from their local wild places (and we're still counting).

I don't think we can say it enough - we love our Wild Keepers! They are such an incredible and enthusiastic bunch. Learn more about the Wild Keepers program.

Here are some Impact Day highlights:

"| “Stand for what we stand on” | It’s no secret: I REALLY love being outdoors. I feel the most at peace, happy and close to God when I am outside and active. I feel extremely fortunate that there are so many gorgeous preserved spaces where I can go to seek refuge from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Nature has done so much for me and my overall well-being and I couldn’t help but begin to wonder: what am I doing to help protect/preserve these spaces I love so dearly? Exactly how big is the footprint I’m leaving? How am I giving back to our planet that has given so much to me?

Enter @keepnaturewild, a company that practices sustainability, promotes responsible outdoor recreation and whose mission is to keep our wild spaces WILD and free from waste! I am so happy to be one of their Wild Keepers this fall term that are getting out and trying to make a difference! I went on a couple of local hikes recently and was so disappointed to see just how much trash there was, even in some of the best maintained areas! I found everything from cans, to coffee cups, to cigarettes and everything in between. It is up to us to keep these spaces clean! So on this #impactday I’m asking that each of us be more mindful of our beautiful planet and to help keep her clean. We only get one home, let’s take care of it! 🤗🌿🌏💕" - @reece_monet


"It’s #impactday and we stand for what we stand on! 🌲🏔♻️ We are a family of adventurers and part of our duty as adventurers is to respect the land, do our part to protect it & ensure we get to keep adventuring! 

When up at Mount Rainier last week, every campsite and rest area was littered from the end of the summer tourists. It was sad but even my little knew exactly what was needed. We picked up what we could and left it much better than it was found. 
Yesterday we took to our local trail and cleaned up 5 lbs of trash in about a half hour, including a bucket that someone had thrown into a visible deer bed 💔💔💔 I asked my 5 y/o if she knew why we were taking the time clean up trash, her response “because we love the earth and we want her to love us back” 💖💖💖 If she gets it, adults have no excuse! #packitinpackitout" - @daherbaugh

📍Vancouver, Washington

"It’s my first term as a Wild Keeper for @keepnaturewild and I have to say, it has really opened my eyes to how much trash is EVERYWHERE. We spent less than half an hour picking up garbage along a quarter-mile stretch of Pantano Wash in Tucson and filled TWO kitchen-size trash bags 😱 It’s hard to feel like you’re making a difference, but every bit helps in the grand scheme of things 🌎❤️✌️#impactday#wildkeepers #keepnaturewild" - @sullystories

"Happy Impact Day! 
It's been one year since we have been part of this amazing movement. We absolutely love what @keepnaturewild (yup, new name) does for our wild spaces. Not only do they inspire thousands of us to stand for what we stand on, but they are also such great people. We've been lucky enough to have attended KNW Cleanups in UT and AZ and can't wait for future states! 
Hope to inspire you guys to keep nature wild... can you believe we picked up all this garbage within 15 minutes??? So even if you have a few minutes, get out and do good.

#keepnaturewild #wildkeepers #impactday" - @livinglavidawild

📍Corrales, New Mexico

"So I had something big in store for #impactday but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it happen. I realized however its about what you are doing not where you are doing it. With that in mind I wanted to spend impact day somewhere meaningful to me. Today while cleaning up our local crag I removed 7 lbs of trash which included micro trash, broken glass, tons of cigarette butts, old webbing/climbing rope, batteries, and much more. On top of that I also removed a handful of old hardware left behind from when the routes were rebolted. Just know you can make a difference and every little bit counts! ♻️🚯🤙🏻🧗‍♂️" - @roamonjd

📍Gwacheon (South Korea)

"this is what 10 pounds of trash looks like. so proud to be part of the @thewildkeepers community and help stand for what we stand on. happy impact day! #keepnaturewild #wildkeepers #impactday#standforwhatwestandon #leaveitbetter" - @megancourtney23

📍Bradford Beach, Milwaukee WI

"It’s my first #impactday as a #wildkeeper for @keepnaturewild and I couldn’t have been in a more beautiful place.

For how heavily trafficked this area is, there wasn’t toooo much trash 🙏🏽.

But we still managed to pick up some trash along the trail on our hike out.

Don’t forget to pack out what you pack in, and help #keepnaturewild.

@keepnaturewild @thewildkeepers" - @caliwolf

📍Havasupai Indian Tribe-Supai

"i’ve been a wild keeper for 1 yr now and it’s pretty incredible to see the impact @keepnaturewild ‘s ambassador program has made. i get so happy seeing friends become wild keepers, like @elyssadavis who picked up this trash with me, ask me questions about sustainable practices, or even just tell me they’ve been picking up trash on their hikes and reducing their daily plastic consumption. i also love learning more from other wild keepers. this goes to show that initiating conversation about issues you’re passionate about really does make a difference!! these actions may seem small, but the collective social and environmental shift towards positive change is powerful. 
#impactday #wildkeepers #keepnaturewild" - @_annien

📍Rillito River Park

Mark your calendars! Next Impact Day is November 6.

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