5 Ways to Make a Sustainable Impact This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Make a Sustainable Impact This Holiday Season

2020 has been a challenging year in many ways and we’ve seen it as a community as well, not being able to come together for cleanups or explore the outdoors in groups. However, there ARE things we can do as individuals or in small groups to make a bigger impact as a whole. This holiday season, consider these options on how to be more sustainable and make a difference: 

  • Pick up trash when you’re outdoors! Whether that is in a parking lot, in your neighborhood, a local park, on the trails or by the water. If trash is in the outdoors, it isn’t in the right place and it can take a very long time for these kinds of wastes to break down. Make sure to pick up trash, filter out recyclable materials and dispose of it all in proper places!

  • Reduce your use of single use plastics. From straws to plastic water bottles, protein bar wrappers and single use containers, we can all do better at trying to minimize our use of them. Invest in reusable straws, bottles, totes, food containers and more. The more we can abstain from throwing away more waste, the better off for our planet!

  • Shop small and local! Small businesses give back to the community, support new, local jobs, create strong senses of community and offer diverse product access. When you shop small, you’re investing in your neighbors, your community and your state!

  • Re-imagine your gift wrapping. Stanford University stated that Americans throw away 25 percent more trash from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, amounting to 25 million tons of garbage. Instead of using gift wrapping, ribbons and bows, consider a more eco-friendly way to deliver your gifts this holiday season. From mason jars, knot wraps and reusable bags to wrapping with newspaper, recycled paper, maps and more. Skip the ribbons and bows and use pine needles, pressed flowers or other natural materials.

  • If you’re getting a Christmas tree: get the real deal! Unless you’re keeping your artificial tree for 20+ years, a real tree with eco-friendly decorations is much better for the environment! When you toss an artificial tree it goes straight to the landfill (and so does the tinsel and strings of lights) -- opt for a real tree, wooden or glass ornaments, strung berries or popcorn and if you need lights, LED is a better option!

These are only a few ways to minimize the impact we make during our holiday season, but even choosing
one of these initiatives can make a big difference over time! 



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