Wild Keeper Spotlight: Alysha Whitney

Wild Keeper Spotlight: Alysha Whitney

Meet first term Wild Keeper, Alysha! She is based in Minnesota and says she is an avid runner who has always loved going on adventures outside. Alysha's favorite outdoor experience so far has either been hiking Koko head trail in Hawaii, or seeing the Mendenhall glacier in Alaska even though she says there have been many many other contenders!


Learn more about Alysha and her Wild Keeping below! 

Keep Nature Wild: What three things would you take with you if you were going to be stranded in the forest?

Alysha: Three things I would want with me if I got stranded in the forest are clean water to drink, my dog for company, and a tent for shelter from the elements. 

KNW: Cabin, tent, or something else?

A: If I had to choose a location to stay I would choose a cabin. If it had a solarium that would be pretty awesome too. 

KNW: What would you pick between mountains, forest or desert?

A: Mountains! 

KNW: What is your favorite thing about being a Wild Keeper?

A: My favorite thing about being a wild keeper is being in a group of like-minded individuals who also want to help our planet

KNW: What has picking up trash outdoors done for you?

A: It has really opened my eyes, this is my first term and I've only been in for two months. The first month I wasn't able to pick up anything but then in March I picked up 115 lbs of trash all in less than a mile from my house in different directions and it's not anywhere as bad as some places I've seen.

KNW: Roughly how many pounds do you think you've picked up since you became a Wild Keeper?

A: 125 lbs

KNW: What goals do you have for this year? (or beyond?)

A: My goal for this year is to inspire others to help our planet by not only picking up trash but becoming more sustainable.

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