6 Alternative Gift Wrapping Options

6 Alternative Gift Wrapping Options

In the United States, Christmas generates an extra *five million tons of waste, with four million tons comprising wrapping paper and shopping bags, as reported by allthingssupplychain.com. It's a ˚$7 billion industry in the U.S. alone, contributing to millions of tons of waste, with half of it ending up in landfills. Recycling wrapping paper is challenging, as most varieties with coatings, glitter, foil, bows, etc., are not recyclable.

It's time to be mindful and intentional in our gift-giving. Here are some eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wrapping:


Bring character and a sense of adventure to your gifts by using old maps! If there's a certain area or region that your gift receiver values, you can make it even more personal and sentimental by wrapping with a place they really care about!

Your options for fabrics to use as gift wrapping are endless. From cloths to towels, scarves and even quality sweaters or shirts that you may be looking to upcycle.

This option is so simple and requires very little effort or creative eye to use! Simply fill your bag and tie it up -- it's all nice and pretty! The sustainable part is that it will get used over and over for probably years before it finally falls apart, meaning you aren't repurchasing and bringing more waste into the world! 

A reusable tote that matches the lifestyle and personality of the person you're gifting to is a great way to wrap up a present! Not only is it eco-friendly, it's also intentional and something someone can use any and every day. 

There are so many different materials you can utilize for wrapping paper whether it's newspaper, burlap, kraft paper and reused tissue paper! 

Head to your local vintage shop to find retro tins or use mason jars as gift giving vessels! These can be reused so many times for so many things and make a great option for presents and household storage containers after the fact! 

For Decorating:

The options are limitless! Dress up your presents with natural elements like pine needles, berries, sprigs or twine. You can also go the vintage route and head to your local vintage shops to find fun decorative elements, ornaments and more that will liven up your gifts while lessening your impact! 


*according to allthingssupplychain.com
˚according to an article on popsci.com

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