Wild Earth Day

Wild Earth Day

From mountains, to deserts, to oceans, these wild places have given us so much. 

This Earth Day, join us in giving back. 

Here at Keep it Wild, we are committed to creating a community full of doers in a world full of talkers. We've decided to step up and take responsibility for the wild places that we freely enjoy by hosting and funding our own cleanup efforts. 

Thats why for Earth Day, we created DIY Cleanups Kits as an invitation for you to join our community, get outside, and celebrate Mother Earth with us! 

Included in every order throughout the month of April, these Cleanup Kits are much more than just a "promotional item". It's a jump start to making a positive impact. Many people are under the impression that changing the world is a difficult, daunting task but we disagree. Changing the world is as simple as bringing this Cleanup Kit with you on your next adventure and filling it with trash you find along the way. We believe that it is our responsibility to keep Earth wild (and have fun while doing it)!

So whether you get one of our Cleanup Kits or not, we hope you join us this Earth Day by getting outside and making a positive impact. And if you do, please share your experience with the Instagram hashtag #WildEarthDay. 

Thank you for supporting us and thank you for caring. We love what we do, we love our community, and we are so excited to celebrate Earth Day with you! 

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