Where can I pick up litter?

Where can I pick up litter?

You're interested in leaving nature better than you found it, but where do you do it? The easy answer is: anywhere that is public land! 

According to Cornell, public lands means any lands and interests in lands owned by the United States and administered by the Secretary of the Interior through the Bureau of Land Management without regard to how the United States acquired ownership.

The Department of the Interior lists 13 categories of Public Lands:

    1. National Parks
    2. National Forests
    3. National Wildlife Refuges
    4. National Conservation Areas
    5. National Monuments
    6. Wildernesses
    7. National Historic Sites
    8. National Memorials
    9. National Battlefields
    10. National Recreation Areas
    11. Wild and Scenic Rivers
    12. National Seashores and National Lakeshores
    13. National Trails

Wilderness.org also provides details on what can be done on public lands, what is considered public lands, who manages it and more here.

Other areas that are public and always need TLC are: neighborhood parks, the sidewalks around your neighborhood, lakes, creeks, rivers, dispersed camping areas, campsites, parking areas, trailhead lots, trailheads, trails, canals and more. 

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