5 Steps To Contribute to the Keep Nature Wild Mission

5 Steps To Contribute to the Keep Nature Wild Mission

You care for the planet, you're ready to remove litter from nature, maybe host a cleanup. So how do you put your efforts towards the Keep Nature Wild mission of picking up 1,000,000 pounds of litter from outdoor spaces by 2023? It's easy! 

1) Grab a Keep Nature Wild biodegradable trash bag (or any other bag you have on hand at home), bucket, and a trash grabber if you have it. (Here is a starter cleanup kit if you are ready to get set up) 

2) Pick your cleanup location: it can be on any public lands like around your neighborhood, by a park, near a lake or river or creek, parking lots, trailheads, on trails, campsites, and more! If you're looking for cleanup location inspiration you can learn more here

3) Pick up litter from that place! Invite some friends, family, co-workers or community members If you are feeling bold! 

4) Dispose of your trash properly. If there are unlocked dumpsters or trash cans nearby you can dispose of your trash there (please be sure that your bags are securely tied closed before disposing!) If possible, we also highly recommend sorting out recyclable items from trash and disposing of these items separately!

5) Log your pounds picked up in our Impact Form

How do you weigh your trash?  There are a few options here! One way to weigh your trash picked up is to gauge it as best you can (this is the honor code!) One pounds is roughly the weight of a loaf of bread 🍞 

Each Keep Nature Wild Biodegradable bag generally equates to the following:
🗑 If the items in the bag are primarily micro-trash (broken down plastics, bottle caps, empty plastics, food wrappers, etc) it will be between 6-8lbs
🗑 If the items in the bag are primarily heavy trash (clothes, glass bottles, metal, toys, etc) it will be closer to 15-18lbs
Pick up your bags and gauge what kind of trash is in the bags and how heavy it feels to get your best guesstimate on the weight! Total up your bags for your pounds to submit.

The second way is to purchase a luggage scale or fishing scale (you can find them in stores like Target or on Amazon like this one) then use your scale to total up the weight of your bags!

As a reminder, you do not need to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador to participate in our mission and submit pounds to our Impact Form! You can be a person just wanting to do good and have your efforts go towards a bigger cause (we always appreciate humans making a positive impact!) 

You can also join a cleanup near you if you'd like (and if you don't see one, maybe you can host it! Feel free to contact us if you'd want to create one for your area!)


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