Weekly Wild Keeper: Josh Noble

Weekly Wild Keeper: Josh Noble

Name: Josh Noble
Location: Seattle, WA
Term: Fall '18
Favorite Wild Place: Emerald Lake (Yoho National Park, British Columbia)

Josh is a first-time Wild Keeper this fall term. He knew he had to apply after his friend in Missouri was Wild Keeper over the summer. He also comes from a family of volunteers, and he was taught from a young age to give back. When he found out about the Wild Keeper Program he was excited to join a community of like-minded people. Once the term started, he was surprised and so excited to see the large impact all the Wild Keepers could make together.

Josh grew up in Pittsburgh, where his parents instilled a deep love of the outdoors. They would take month long trips, camping in the outdoors and visiting National Parks. As a kid, he was always jealous of the beach vacations he friends went on, but now, he's thankful for the trips he got to take. He is the one that friends call when they need a recommendation on what National Park to visit. His favorite wild space are alpine lakes, specifically Emerald Lake in the Canadian Rocky Corridor. He finds that no matter how often he visits, he still falls in love with the area every time.

He lives in Seattle, and he focused his cleaning efforts on the green spaces between his work and home. He has always kept a trash bag with him when hiking and picked up trash along the way, so becoming a Wild Keeper has only focused his efforts. He finds that people are always very thankful and positive when they see him cleaning up. When not working or volunteering, you will find Josh enjoying Netflix. He knows it's a juxtaposition, but enjoying a good show is almost as good as being outdoors hiking... almost.

Check him out at @elbon_hsoj.

Meet Josh's mentor, Gina Gerardo!

This term is Gina's first as a mentor. Although she was a Wild Keeper before, she was doing cleanups before she learned about our program. She loves being a part of a group where she's surrounded by so many like-minded people. It's hard to feel like you're making a difference, but she really feels like she's making a collective impact as a Wild Keeper Mentor. She's helpful and encouraging through the way she guides cleanups and gives her mentees tips on how to make less of an impact in their everyday lives.

Based in Arizona, she just loves being outside, and most of the time, you'll find her rock climbing. Gina's dogs are her favorite outdoor companions. "If I could accomplish anything, it's helping people understand that removing dog waste and having their dogs on a leash makes a huge difference for our environment," she said.

Gina recommended that Josh be our featured Wild Keeper this week because she was incredibly impressed by his first Impact Day cleanup. Josh removed 15 pounds of trash from the wild, and he took the extra time to separate out the recyclables!

Check her out at @ginamg.

Quick Overview:

A Wild Keeper is an ambassador that does more than just rock our gear. They participate in monthly #ImpactDays by removing trash from a wild place in their local community.

A Mentor is the leader of a small group of Wild Keepers. Along with participating in #ImpactDays, Mentors also offer encouraging and educational advice to their group members.

Learn more about the Wild Keepers program.

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