The History of Keep it Wild

The History of Keep it Wild

Just a few years ago, our two co-founders were working two different jobs - Keep it Wild not even a thought in their minds yet... Cameron - a middle school math teacher during the week and avid hiker and camper on the weekends, and Sean - a photographer and videographer with a passion for the outdoors.



Cam and his wife, Casi - who is also Sean's sister -  started a blog called Arizona Hiker's Guide. They documented their excursions while on breaks from teaching, and pretty quickly, they realized they had built this little community of people that really enjoy being outside.

While out kayaking, Cam and Sean noticed how much trash and filth had just been left behind. They realized that they could use the community they'd already built to do some good.

With the idea of using part of the profits to fund and host wilderness cleanups, the brothers-in-law made a couple of graphic tees and some blankets and took them to Phoenix Flea. After they quickly sold out, they realized this was something they could do for real.

Fast forward to brainstorming in Sean's basement, coming up with the name and tagline, "We stand for what we stand on," and an entire business plan that revolved around the mission of removing trash from nature. The business grew quickly, and they went from a basement to a full warehouse of products, from two co-founders to a company with 10 employees.

Over the last two years, with the help of volunteers, Keep it Wild has removed almost 110,000 lbs. of trash from wild places across Arizona, Texas, California, Utah, Oregon and Colorado. We've done some pretty amazing things, and we're just getting started!

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