5 Myths About the Outdoors

5 Myths About the Outdoors

Legends and stories passed down through generations have lead us to believe some pretty wild things. I mean, I take everything my mom says as the 100% truth, so heck yeah, I believed eating carrots would give you x-ray vision. I, sadly, learned that this is not true, along with these five outdoor myths.

MYTH: It's a-okay to leave orange peels on the ground outside.

Yes, fruit peels/cores are biodegradable. No, you can't leave them wherever you please. If they aren't native to that ecosystem, then they're harmful to the wildlife in that area. Just pop it back in your pack and hit a trash can after your outdoor adventure.

MYTH: If I get bit by a snake, I should try to suck the venom out.

Please don't do this! Your mouth has so much bacteria in it, so putting in on an open wound is probably not the best idea. While it can work to suck it out, the infection from mouth bacteria rate to the success rate ratio is not all that impressive. Just call 911.

MYTH: It won't hurt anything if I don't pick up my dog's poop.

False. While it will eventually break down, those germs, bacteria and diseases don't just go away. They can seep into water and food sources for us humans or for other animals. I don't know about you, but I do not want to drink my dog's poo.

MYTH: I can eat anything that other animals are eating.

Just because you spot an animal munching on some berries and not dying doesn't mean you should eat those berries too. We're all different, so even other mammals can eat foods that are poisonous to humans. Stick to foods you know won't kill you!

MYTH: Bears attack people frequently.

Since 2010, there have only been 15 fatal bear attacks in the US. That being said, know what to do if you spot a bear. If you don't try anything dumb, there's a very good chance you'll make it out of there still intact.

Debunking these myths has made me a happy camper. Now, go out into the world with your new breadth of knowledge, and make sure you aren't eating any poison berries (or dog doodoo).

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