Podcast Roundup - April 2020

Podcast Roundup - April 2020
Podcast roundup! 🌲 We put together a list of some podcasts we've been throwing on as we work from home, clean the house, or get some fresh air around our neighborhood. Check them out below:
  1. Dirtbag Diaries presents stories of dreamers, wanderers, and athletes in the outdoors⁠.
  2. She Explores features the stories of women who love the outdoors through interviews, in-the-field recordings, and listener submission. On topics from solo hiking, conservation, entrepreneurship and more and how they intersect with the outdoors.⁠
  3. Outside/In from New Hampshire Public Radio explores the relationship between humans and nature - Outside/In dives into complex topics with stories and in-depth reporting. 
  4. HumaNature explores where humans and our habitat meet by telling the stories of real human experiences in nature.⁠
  5. outLANDish is a podcast started by the US Forest Service and brings interesting stories about our public lands. There hasn't been a new episode since August of 2019, but it's still a wonderful listen. 
  6. Sustainability Defined this podcast defines sustainability one concept at a time with an experienced pro. 
  7. Outside Podcast an Outside Magazine production, which explores a variety of topics in the outdoor world including interviews with some experts in sports, adventure, and politics. 

Have more recommendations? Let us know by shooting us a message on our Instagram! 

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