July 2023 Impact Report

July 2023 Impact Report
Our theme for July was: Water Connects Us All  💦 

Calling all fishermen, kayakers, canoers, beach-goers, lakeside chillers, paddleboarders, and anyone spending time near the water this summer:Enjoy the water, and remember to leave nothing but footprints on your vacations and day trips to the water!

What is your favorite way to be near, on, by the water?!

Our Wild Keeper community removed 5,022.75 pounds of litter from nature during the month of July! While we are facing heat records all over the world, we know it is hard to get out and commit to picking up litter with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees. We are so appreciative of all the effort and energy our community puts into caring for nature - even when the conditions aren't ideal! 

We can't wait to see what we can do together for August ☀️ 

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