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Clean Beaches Week

This week, July 1 - 7, is Clean Beaches Week! 

The point of this week is not only to celebrate our beautiful beaches, but also to make sure they stay clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

The best way to celebrate is to head to the beach and hang out on the sand and in the water. While you’re there, do your part and make sure to “leave no trace” - pick up your trash and leave the beach looking just like it did when you arrived. If you’d like to get even more involved, join a local cleanup to pick up what others may have left behind.

Independence Day falls right in the middle of the week, and the biggest beach holiday of the year also means the most litter happens. So, have fun in the sun, but be mindful of the area around you!

The ocean covers 70% of our Earth, so let’s make sure our beaches stay beautiful so that everyone can enjoy them!