Beardsley Canal Cleanup | January 26, 2019 - Keep Nature Wild

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Beardsley Canal Cleanup | January 26, 2019

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Beardsley Canal Cleanup | January 26, 2019

The Event: 

We recently connected with officials at Arizona State Trust Lands Department to host cleanups at illegal dumping sites. A grand total of 92 Wild Keepers showed up to haul out 14,620 pounds of trash. These particular cleanups are glamorous or in the most picturesque locations, but they definitely need our love just the same. Thank you to all our volunteers who showed up, rolled up their sleeves and did some heavy lifting! A special thanks also goes out to Four Peaks Brewery who showed up in force with a total of 11 employees. 

Keep Nature Wild hosts cleanups across the US on a monthly basis. Click here to see events coming up!

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Download Beardsley Canal Cleanup Photos HERE!

Upcoming Events:

We have several more cleanups scheduled throughout the state. You can learn more and register here