Arizona Birthday Cleanup at South Mountain | Summary

Arizona Birthday Cleanup at South Mountain | Summary

The Event: 



On February 16, we celebrated Arizona's birthday by picking up trash at South Mountain. This annual event had 466 Wild Keepers (This is what we call our volunteer community. Get more info here if you want to join in!). With so many people we were able to spread them out over the park. We cleaned up the areas around Scorpion Gulch and the Activity Center. 

This is one of our biggest events of the year thanks to help from our business sponsors and Ranger Daniel Cooper. A total of 7,946 pounds of trash was removed from the wild. 

We can't thank Wild Keepers enough for all their efforts to keep nature wild in Arizona. 


Download South Mountain Cleanup Photos HERE!

Upcoming Events:

We have several more cleanups scheduled throughout the state. You can learn more and register here

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