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Our mission from the beginning has been to build community by picking up trash outside. To us, this means creating a space where people from anywhere, that give a damn about nature, can come and connect with other like-minded individuals. This idea is the essence of the Wild Keeper Ambassador Program - a community of doers, that give a damn about nature.

As ambassadors, you are the examples to the world of what it looks like to be a "Wild Keeper" - someone who not only cares about the nature, but does something about keeping it wild! 

Our Goal as Wild Keepers

Our goal as a network of Wild Keeper Ambassadors is to make a positive impact in the wild, to set an example to others around the world, and to inspire others to join us on our mission to Keep Nature Wild! 

Impact Days

Impact Days are designated days each month where all Wild Keeper Ambassadors will flood Instagram with the positive impact you’ve been making.

On these days, we ask all Wild Keeper Ambassadors to post a photo on Instagram using #wildkeepers + #impactday and tagging @keepnaturewild.  These posts can be of picking up trash, encouraging others to do the same, explaining the importance of keeping nature wild, etc. 

You do NOT have to pick up the trash on impact day, just POST about it on Impact Day!


  • Before Impact Day:
    • Pick up trash at any point before or on Impact Day
    • Take a photo that shows off your impact in a fun and inspiring way
  • On Impact Day:
    • Share your photo on your personal Instagram
    • Use Hashtags: #impactday + #keepnaturewild + #wildkeepers
    • Spread the word about why it's important to keep nature wild!
    • Record your impact on the Impact Form
  • Monday - October 14th
  • Tuesday - November 12th 
  • Monday - December 16th
  • Monday - January 13th

Wild Keeper Ambassador Social Media Kit

This page’s goal is to be a one-stop-shop to give you ideas, provide you with assets,  or give you some inspiration on how you can talk about being a Wild Keeper Ambassador on social media. Check it out!

WKA Social Media Kit

The Program

We are using an all-new Roll Over approach to the program. This means, once you've been accepted you won't have to re-apply for any upcoming terms. If you follow all requirements (posting on Impact Day each month and recording your impact in the Impact Form) then you will automatically roll over and there is no need to apply for an ambassador position again.

If you want to move up to a Mentor, you will only need to re-apply during open applications.

If being an ambassador no longer suits you, no problem! Just PM us in Slack or send an email to morgan@keepnaturewild.com and she will remove you from the program/slack channels.

Safety Guidelines

These guidelines should be read and followed before heading out to pick up trash.

  1. You are most important.  Look out for yourself and your safety first. 
  2. Trash is dirty and not to be handled with bare hands. Make sure you are wearing gloves or using a picker.
  3. When picking up items that could be rusty or sharp, use caution and wear heavy-duty work gloves.
  4. Use common sense when picking up items. Remember, you do not have to pick up anything you do not want to. Do not lift heavy objects alone. Ask for help.
  5. Do not handle hazardous materials like batteries, gas cans, needles, drug paraphernalia, or ammunition.
  6. Do not enter any private or restricted areas to pick up trash.
  7. Stay on designated trails and walkways and never pick up trash in areas that may put you in harm’s way.
  8. Never enter any bodies of water to pick up

Cleaning Up With Others

We know how it is, picking up trash is more fun with others! Let’s talk about inviting others to pick up trash with you outside.

Inviting others to pick up trash as a Wild Keeper Ambassador:
When you applied to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador, you accepted our liability form and photo release. That waiver is for you, the individual ambassador, and does not extend to others that may come with you or be invited by you. Keep Nature Wild cannot and will not be responsible for any person(s) who come with you to pick up trash for Impact Days or for any other activity. If you choose to invite others to join, including friends and family, you do so at your own risk. Keep Nature Wild will not be held liable for you or others.

Coordinating Group Cleanup Efforts as an Event:
As of this term, Keep Nature Wild does not permit or sanction any group cleanup event by Wild Keeper Ambassadors. We ask that you do not host or coordinate these types of events using our name, our equipment, or act on behalf of our company.

For your reference, here is a link to the liability form.

If you have any additional questions, please email cameron@keepnaturewild.com.


Want to join us in person? Register for a cleanup!


Rio Salado Habitat Cleanup | Phoenix, AZ



Urban Trail Cleanup | Flagstaff, AZ



Impact Friday Cleanup | Lake Pleasant, AZ

Slack Help

How to add yourself to a channel


How to leave a channel


How to mute/manage notifications in a channel



    If you have an idea for a new channel, post it in the #suggestions channel
    and we’ll get it added for you if we see fit!

    Additional Help:

    If you need any additional help or have any questions please reach out to us in the #help channel on Slack!


    What’s my ambassador discount code?
    Reach out in Slack and ask! Remember this code is for YOU only! If you need to get a gift for family/friends we have a different code for that!

    Being a WKA is my greatest honor, how do I reapply?!
    The WKA program is a roll-over program! You do not need to reapply, as long as you are posting, recording your impact, and support KNW brand you will continue to be an ambassador until the end of time!

    My BFFL wants to be a WKA with me so we can do clean-ups together. How can I get them in?
    Have them apply! We are always looking for nature lovers and growing our ambassador family! Direct them to the Wild Keepers web page and show them what’s up!

    Important Contact info- 

    Need help with KNW order? Email info@keepnaturewild.com

    Have a cool idea to make the program better? Post in the #suggestions channel in Slack!

    Need direct assistance with literally anything? PM Morgan Flander or Alex Hyberger in Slack!