Wild Keeper Ambassadors Only 😉

🙌 Make sure to read this whole page + bookmark it to refer back to! 🙌

Our Mission as Wild Keepers

Our goal as a community of Wild Keeper Ambassadors is to make a positive impact in the wild, to set an example to others around the world, show that caring can be FUN, and to inspire others to join us on our mission to keep nature wild! 

Impact Days

Impact Days are designated days each month where all Wild Keeper Ambassadors will flood Instagram with the positive impact you’ve been making. Plus, there are now optional monthly Impact Day themes to get your creative juices flowing (check them out below!) and Impact Day Giveaways as a special thank you for all the hard work you put in to help keep nature wild

You do NOT have to pick up the trash on impact day, just POST about it on Impact Day!

Before Impact Day:

  • Pick up trash at any point before or on Impact Day (at a park, around you neighborhood, etc. It doesn't have to be at a National Park or far from home!)
  • Take a photo that shows off your impact in a fun and inspiring way
    On Impact Day:
    • Share your photo on your personal Instagram feed! For inspo, check out the Wild Keepers Social Media Tool Kit or use the monthly Impact Day Theme to get inspired!
    • Use Hashtags: #impactday + #keepnaturewild + #wildkeepers
    • Use the caption to talk about why it's important to keep nature wild! Find the optional Impact Day themes below.
    • Record your impact on the Impact Form - this is the only way we know how much trash you actually picked up!


      • Monday - June 29th
        • Theme: For the love of Trails! This month we're turning National Trails Day (on June 6th) and turning it into trails month! For this Impact Day you can talk about the importance of staying on trail, why we all should pack out what we pack in on our favorite trails (and pack out even more if you find any trash along the way) and the importance of keeping trails clean! Sharing tips on how hikers can care for trails is a great place to start if you need some ideas :)
      • Monday - July 27th 
        • Theme: Celebrate the Wild! KNW's bday is coming up in August  and we want to kick off the celebrations early by celebrating the wild celebrate the wild! For this Impact Day theme, consider why the outdoors are worth celebrating, what we can celebrate about the outdoors, what gifts nature gives us, and what we can give to nature in return!  
      • Monday - August 31st
        • Theme: Nurture our Nature!  This Impact Day theme is all about nurturing the nature that nurtures us! Consider the question, "in what ways does nature nurture us, and in what ways can we nurture nature in return?" 
      • Saturday - September, 19th - National Cleanup Day!
        • Theme: It's National Cleanup Day! This month's theme is "Leave It Better than you Found It"! This month, we're inviting you to participate in the #WildCleanupChallenge to celebrate National Cleanup Day 2020! We want to see your Before and After cleanup photos! Get outside, snap your "Before" picture, pick up some trash, and snap your "After" photo to share on Instagram! Use your regular #ImpactDay and #KeepNatureWild hashtags AND #WildCleanupChallenge to be entered into our National Cleanup Day giveaway! 


      • Impact Day 1, June 29th: We will select 2 random WKAs that post on this Impact Day and record their impact on the Impact Form. Those 2 winners will receive a KNW Trails kit from us including our favorite trail inspired gear on the site!
      • Impact Day 2, July 27th: Our birthday is coming up next month and we want to give away some gifts! We will select 2 random WKAs that post on this Impact Day and record their impact on the Impact Form. Those 2 winners will receive a surprise KNW birthday gift :) 
      • Impact Day 3, August 31st: We'll select 3 random WKAs that post in this Impact Day and record their impact on the Impact Form. Those 3 winners will receive a 10 pack of biodegradable Wild Keeper trash bags and a pack of our current favorite stickers!
      • Impact Day 4, September 19th: #WildCleanupChallenge National Cleanup Day Giveaway - We've partnered with Cruise America, Visit, Arizona, Good & Well Supply Co., Proof Eyewear, Lems Shoes, Jetty, and Walker Family Goods to give away over $4,000 wroth of trips and prizes this National Cleanup Day including a stay at Under Canvas Grand Canyon and a travel gift card for an RV road trip from Cruise America. There will be 5 different winners! For more info on how to participate in National Cleanup Day and enter this epic giveaway, head here! 

        Wild Keeper Ambassador Social Media Kit

        This page’s goal is to be a one-stop-shop to give you ideas, provide you with assets, or give you some inspiration on how you can talk about being a Wild Keeper Ambassador on social media. Check it out!
        WKA Social Media Kit

        The Program

        We are using a new roll-over approach to the program. This means once you've been accepted, you won't have to re-apply for any upcoming terms as long as you follow all requirements (review the requirements here).

        If you want to move up to a Mentor, please shoot a direct message to Sean or Alex on Slack!

        If being an ambassador no longer suits you, no problem! Just direct message a mentor, Alex, or Sean in Slack or send an email to alex@keepnaturewild.com and we'll get everything sorted.


        The role of the mentors is to be there to answer any questions that Wild Keeper Ambassadors may have, keep track of WKAs to make sure that they’re having an easy time participating in Impact Days and becoming a part of the Wild Keepers community, and to be the best example of what it means to be a Wild Keeper! Wild Keeper Mentors have been in the program for multiple terms and know the ins and outs of being a Wild Keeper - they’re here for ya! Mentors also help the KNW team to monitor the different channels within Slack.

        At the beginning of the term, Mentors will be given a group of Wild Keeper Ambassadors to keep track of behind the scenes. These groups are loosely based of location, to the best of our ability.

        To contact a Mentor, reach out in the “#help-ask-a-mentor” channel and one of our many helpful Mentors will get back to you!

        Safety Guidelines

        Read these guidelines before heading out to pick up trash and keep them in the back of your mind!

        1. You are most important.  Look out for yourself and your safety first! 
        2. Trash is dirty obv - try not to handle it with bare hands! Make sure you are wearing gloves or using a picker.
        3. When picking up items that could be rusty or sharp, use caution and wear heavy-duty work gloves.
        4. Remember, you do not have to pick up anything you do not want to! Don't lift heavy objects alone and ask for help if you need it!
        5. Don't handle hazardous materials like batteries, gas cans, needles, drug paraphernalia, or ammunition.
        6. Make sure to not enter any private or restricted areas to pick up trash.
        7. Please stay on designated trails and walkways and never pick up trash in areas that may put you in harms way.
        8. Please don't enter any bodies of water while picking up trash.

        Your safety matters to us! 🙌

        Cleaning Up With Others

        We know how it is, picking up trash is more fun with others! Let’s talk about inviting others to pick up trash with you outside.

        Inviting others to pick up trash as a Wild Keeper Ambassador:
        When you applied to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador, you accepted our liability form and photo release. That waiver is for you, the individual ambassador, and does not extend to others that may come with you or be invited by you. Keep Nature Wild cannot and will not be responsible for any person(s) who come with you to pick up trash for Impact Days or for any other activity. If you choose to invite others to join, including friends and family, you do so at your own risk. Keep Nature Wild will not be held liable for you or others.

        Coordinating Group Cleanup Efforts as an Event:
        As of this term, Keep Nature Wild does not permit or sanction any group cleanup event by Wild Keeper Ambassadors. We ask that you do not host or coordinate these types of events using our name, our equipment, or act on behalf of our company.

        For your reference, here is a link to the liability form.

        If you have any additional questions, please email cameron@keepnaturewild.com.


        Want to join us in person? Register for a cleanup here!

        Slack Help

        Helpful Links/ Tutorials!


        If you have an idea for a new channel, post it in the "#help-requests" channel
        and we’ll get it added for you if we see fit!

        Additional Help:

        If you need any additional help or have any questions please reach out to us in the "#help-ask-a-mentor" channel in Slack!


        What’s my ambassador discount code?
        You can find discount codes in Slack in the #knw-term-info" channel! Same with the code that you can share with friends and family.

        I loved being a WKA, how do I reapply for next term?!
        No need to reapply! As long as you are meeting the requirements, your ambassadorship will roll over into the next term. 

        My BFF wants to be a WKA with me so we can do clean-ups together. How can I get them in?
        Have them apply! We are always looking for nature lovers and growing our ambassador family! Direct them to the Wild Keepers web page and show them what’s up!

        Important Contact Info

        Need help with KNW order? Email gillian@keepnaturewild.com

        Have a cool idea to make the program better? Post in the #help-requests channel in Slack!

        Need direct assistance with literally anything? Direct message "Sean at KNW" or "Alex at KNW" in Slack!