Wild Keeper Resource Page

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Our Mission as Wild Keepers

Wild Keepers are on a mission to pick up trash outside, make a positive impact on the outdoor spaces that we enjoy, have fun doing it as a part of a larger community of Wild Keepers, and inspire others to do the same.

The Wild Keeper Program

Once you've been accepted as a Wild Keeper Ambassador, you do not need to re-apply for any upcoming terms as long as you follow all requirements (review the requirements  here).

If being an ambassador no longer suits you, no problem! Just direct message "Wild Keeper Support" in Slack

Impact Days

Impact Days are once a month.

On these days, Wild Keeper Ambassadors flood Instagram with the positive impact you’ve been making throughout the past month.

Each Impact Day, there are (optional) Impact Day Themes to get your creative juices flowing (check them out below!) and Impact Day Giveaways as a special thank you for all the hard work you put in to help keep nature wild.

You don't have to pickup trash on Impact Day

you just need to post your impact photo on Impact Day!


WKA Gear

Check out our exclusive Wild Keeper Ambassador apparel, patches, stickers, and more!


Impact Days

Check out our exclusive Wild Keeper Ambassador Tee, patches, stickers, and more!

Before Impact Day

Pick up trash at any point before or on Impact Day (at a park, neighborhood, trail, urban area, anywhere!)

2. Snap a Photo

Snap a fun photo of you and your trash haul to save and post on Impact Day!

You can do this precisely with an scale or guesstimate your weight. A KNW trash bag weighs between 5-15 lbs depending on micro trash or regular, bulky trash!

On Impact Day

1. Grab Photo + Hashtags

Grab your super-cute Impact Day photo from your cleanup! Always include these hashtags in your post: #impactday + #keepnaturewild + #wildkeepers so we can help celebrate your impact!

Use the caption to talk about why it's important to Keep Nature Wild! For inspo, check out the Wild Keeper Social Media Kit or use the monthly Impact Day theme below!

3. Record Your Impact!

IMPORTANT: Record your impact on the Impact Form—this is the only way we know how much trash you actually picked up!

#Impactday Dates + Themes

#1: February 29th: Show Your Love for Nature

This February, in the season of hearts, flowers, and chocolate, let’s show our love for nature by doing our part to leave it better!


  • Reflect: What 3 things do you love most about nature?

    Act: Go to your 3 favorite outdoor spaces to spend time in Nature.

    Inspire: Post about your impact on social, share with your friends, or invite your community to a local nature cleanup!

    New Friend: Connect with a Wild Keeper you’ve never met before in Slack!

#2: March 22nd | Spring Into Action

Across the country, winter is thawing, the sun is shining for longer, flowers are in bloom, and nature is waking up. Let’s be intentional about springing into action and cleaning up litter - wherever we spot it!

Reflect: What do you notice about Spring in your region?

Act: Go to your favorite outdoor space and pick up whatever trash you find.

Inspire: Post about your impact on social, share with your friends, or invite your community to a local nature cleanup!

New Friend: Connect with a Wild Keeper you’ve never met before in Slack!

#3: April 22nd | EARTH DAY: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Around here, we call April “Earth Month”! This is kinda like Wild Keeper Christmas! Let’s put our best foot forward for nature this April and be intentional about making more impact than ever!

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to go out and pick up trash on Earth Day. Try and get out the weekend before and pick up trash, but then share about your impact on Monday the 22nd!


  • Reflect: What is your favorite animal? Plant? Outdoor location?

  • Act: Set an impact goal for yourself in April. Keep track throughout the month to see how you’re doing!

  • Inspire: Post about your impact on social, share with your friends, or invite your community to a local nature cleanup!

New Friend: Connect with a Wild Keeper you’ve never met before in Slack!

#4: May 31st | Nature's Best Friends

This month, we’re celebrating our friendship with nature! Take some time to reflect on how connecting with nature and doing good for the outdoors has changed and shaped you!


  • Reflect: How do you feel when you’re in nature? How has cleaning up nature changed you as a person?

  • Act: Invite one friend to join you in nature this month. It doesn’t have to be trash-related. It could just be to go out on a hike!

  • Inspire: Post about your impact on social, share with your friends, or invite your community to a local nature cleanup!

  • New Friend: Connect with a Wild Keeper you’ve never met before in Slack!

Giveaway Dates + Prizes

Winners selected from Impact Form entries each month!

#1: February:

A new KNW Fanny Pack + hat of your choice

#2: March:

 A new tee + hat + sticker from our Spring Collection!

#3: April:

1 deck of playing cards + fanny pack + 10 trash bags


#4: May:

2 apparel items from our new summer collection + 3 stickers of your choice!

🚮 Cleanups 🚮

We are currently hosting group cleanups in AZ and a few other states at least once a month! Sign ups are limited to 50 each. To see all currently scheduled cleanups, head here. 

Social Media Kit

This page’s goal is to be a one-stop-shop to give you ideas, provide you with assets, or give you some inspiration on how you can talk about being a Wild Keeper Ambassador on social media. The kit includes:

• Example Impact Day posts
• Reading / Resources
• Graphics—Icons, Posts & Story Assets

Your Mentors!

The role of a Mentor is to be there to answer any questions that Wild Keeper Ambassadors may have. Wild Keeper Mentors have been in the program for multiple terms and know the ins and outs of being a Wild Keeper - they’re here for ya! Mentors also help the KNW team to monitor the different channels within Slack.

To contact a Mentor, reach out in the “#help-ask-a-mentor” channel and one of our many helpful Mentors will get back to you!

Want to become a mentor?
Please shoot a direct message to "Wild Keeper Support" in Slack!

Safety Guidelines

Read these guidelines before heading out to pick up trash and keep them in the back of your mind!

  1. You are most important.  Look out for yourself and your safety first!
  2. Trash is dirty obv - try not to handle it with bare hands! Make sure you are wearing gloves or using a picker.
  3. When picking up items that could be rusty or sharp, use caution and wear heavy-duty work gloves.
  4. Remember, you do not have to pick up anything you do not want to! Don't lift heavy objects alone and ask for help if you need it!
  5. Don't handle hazardous materials like batteries, gas cans, needles, drug paraphernalia, or ammunition.
  6. Make sure to not enter any private or restricted areas to pick up trash.
  7. Please stay on designated trails and walkways and never pick up trash in areas that may put you in harms way.
  8. Please don't enter any bodies of water while picking up trash.

Your safety matters to us! 🙌

Impact Day FAQ's

When am I supposed to record the trash I pick up?

Whenever you pick it up! We just ask that you pick up and record your impact at least once a month. You don’t have to wait until Impact Day, but you can. Your call!

Where can I dispose of the trash I pick up?

Good question… The best place to put it is in the dumpster bagged and tied up - it’s not great, but it’s better than having it out in the wild. If you can, separate out any recyclables you’ve picked up and throw them in the recycling bin (check your local recycling guidelines first, though! They’re different everywhere.)

What hashtags should I use on my Impact Day posts?

Use hashtags #wildkeepers, #keepnaturewild, and #impactday on your monthly Impact Day Instagram Posts!

Do I have to pick up trash on Impact Day?

No! Pick up trash whenever works for you. We just ask that you post about the impact you are making on Impact Day.

Is there a certain amount of trash I need to pick up?

Nope! Do what you can. Some days you might pick up bags full, some days you might pick up a handful. It all adds up and it all makes a difference!

Do I have to use a Keep Nature Wild trash bag?

Definitely not. Use what you've got! If that happens to be a KNW biodegradable trash bag, that's great. If not, that's great, too. The trash is what matters!

Do I have to wear/show Keep Nature Wild products in my Impact Day posts?

You don't, the impact you're making is the #1 priority! But we do encourage it if you have some - we just love to see this community in their KNW gear :)

Wild Keeper Ambassador FAQ's

What's my ambassador discount code?

You'll find this term's Wild Keeper discount in the #knw-important-info channel in Slack!

I loved being a WKA, do I need to reapply next term?

Nope! We want you to stick around! All Wild Keeper Ambassadors role over into the next term unless you tell us you want to opt-out.

My BFF wants to be a WKA with me so we can do cleanups together. How can I get them in?

Have them join you on your cleanups for now anyway! And then encourage them to apply when applications open again for the next term :)

Contact Info

Need help with KNW order? Email help@keepnaturewild.com

Have a cool idea to make the program better? Direct message "Wild Keeper Slack" and drop off your idea!

Need direct assistance with literally anything? Direct message "Wild Keeper Slack" in Slack