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Wild Keepers

What are Wild Keeper Ambassadors and how does it work?

Wild Keeper Ambassadors (WKAs) are a community of people from all around the world who have a love for the outdoors and take action to preserve and keep them free of trash. As a WKA, you'll pick up trash once a month, be a part of a growing community creating real change, and get some exclusive KNW perks! Sound like your type of thing? Applications for Fall/Winter are now closed. Sign up to be notified when applications open again in the Spring of 2022.

1. Sign Up

Ready to be a Wild Keeper? We'd love to have you! Applications are currently closed but will open again in the Spring! Sign up to be notified when they do.

2. Clean Up

Head to your favorite wild spaces or urban areas at least one a month before or on Impact Day to pick up trash and make a positive impact!

3. Record It

Record your trash weight from your cleanup(s) on the Impact Form each month to have your efforts counted towards the monthly totals!

Perks of being a Wild Keeper

You might be thinking, what's in it for you?

  • Become connected with a community of thousands of Wild Keeper Ambassadors around the world.
  • Receive exclusive discounts to shop online
  • Get early access to select product drops
  • Feel good by giving back to nature!
  • Have another excuse to get outside and become more connected with nature!

What does the Ambassador Program look like?

Once accepted, we have a couple simple steps to follow!

  • Get outside and pick up trash at least once a month!
  • Post once a month on your Instagram feed on designated Impact Days to share your impact, super easy!
  • Very important! Don't forget to record your trash weight through the KNW Impact Form for every cleanup you complete!
  • By signing up, you're committing to at least 4 months as a Wild Keeper Ambassador with the option to roll over into the next term after that!


I want in, what are the requirements?

We don't ask for much but we do have a few minimumrequirements to become a WKA!

  • You need to be 18 years or older. Sorry! Legally, we have to...
  • You must be following @keepnaturewild on Instagram
  • You must be active on Instagram! Posting at least once in the past 4 weeks. We build our community on connection and taking action in the outdoors. We encourage our ambassadors to do the same!
  • If you're Instagram account in private, we just ask that you show us your feed so we can approve your app!

"I love being a Wild Keeper because what you stand for matters and our world needs your voice and encouragement!"

Jon T


"[I love it for] so many reasons - but I think mostly because of the community I find in it. Living in a city (for now), we feel pretty disconnected day-to-day from the green space we have to drive to for our connection to nature."

McKenzie D

"I love being a Wild Keeper because I care about supporting causes that bring awareness to the conservation efforts necessary to keep our planet sustainable."

Meagan H

Wild Keeper FAQ's

How do I sign up?

There's an application process! Once every quarter, application open for the upcoming term. Fill out the application through the link at the top of this page and you'll hear back from us with an answer either way!

What are the requirements to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador?

There's just a few! You must be 18 years or older, be active on Instagram (posting at least once in the last 4 weeks), follow @keepnaturewild on Instagram, and be willing to pick up trash outside at least once a month!

Do I need to sign up each term to stay a Wild Keeper Ambassador?

Nope! Once accepted into the program, you will automatically roll over into following terms as long as you want to! If you would like to opt out at any time, just message a KNW Team Member on Slack, no questions asked!

Do I have to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador to record my impact?

No! Our Impact Form is open to everyone within the Keep Nature Wild Community, including those that are not enrolled as a Wild Keeper Ambassador.

I want to host my own cleanups, what do I need to do?

Awesome! While we currently do not permit WKAs organizing and hosting cleanups under the Keep Nature Wild name, we are happy to donate cleanup supplies for cleanup events you plan and promote on your own. We are excited to invest in our community that wants to do more! To request a cleanup donation, please fill out this form.

I want to join a cleanup! How do I sign up?

Yay! You can view and sign up for any of our upcoming cleanups by heading here.