Which Sticker Are You?

Rather Be Outside - Sticker

I’d rather be outside:
You’re the leader of the pack. A ski bunny mountain lover who is always up for an adventure, you make the perfect plans and help everyone stick to them.


Be Wild - Sticker

Be Wild:
The eternal optimist. You love going with the flow and bringing positive energy and light to every adventure.



Life is Better in the Mountains - Sticker

Life is better in the mountains:
The chill adventurer. You bring an even-keeled attitude to every situation. You’re always up for camping, stargazing, and backpacking



Rockin' Saguaro Sticker

Rockin Saguaro:
The wild child of the group. Always down for a music festival, vacation, or crazy adventure, you love to take risks and aren’t afraid of change.



Wildbear Sticker

The activist. You love nature and love protecting it. You are always up for a challenge and exploring new places.