Donation Requests

Keep Nature Wild Cleanup Donation Request Form

Keep Nature Wild is excited to encourage and support our community getting out there, leading by example, and picking up trash through our Cleanup Donation Program — a program where we will donate cleanup materials to those organizing and leading group cleanups around the country. Picking up trash is more fun together, anyways!

We may not be able to grant all donation requests but we are excited to support as many of our community members as possible!

Guidelines for Donation Requests:

  • At least 10 people are attending your cleanup
  • Have a date of your event when you submit your request
  • Please request your donations a minimum of 7 business days before your event so we can get your materials shipped out in time.
  • We will ask just 2 things of you:
    • Record the trash you pick up at your cleanup on our official Impact Form.
    • Share photos of your event with us after you've hosted it so that we can re-share.