About KNW

Here's how it all got started

We have to go all the way back to 2013. Back to when our two co-founders, Sean & Cameron, were just brothers-in-law that enjoyed adventuring together. 


Arizona Hikers Guide, a hiking blog, was started by Cameron and his wife, Casi, while Sean (Casi’s brother) was working as a professional photographer & videographer.


AZHG started hosting group hikes and camping trips. They’d end up hanging out with up to 30 people at a time.


During a group kayaking trip, Cameron & Sean were disgusted by the amount of trash that had been left behind by others. They decided they wanted to do something about it.

When they took some branded t-shirts and blankets to Phoenix Flea to raise some money to put together a cleanup, they had no idea how quickly they’d sell out.

They decided to go all-in. After quite a few late nights in Sean’s office, Keep it Wild Co. was born with one mission - to stand for what we stand on.


From basement to warehouse - the company grew quickly, and the two co-founders moved into a warehouse & office space in Mesa, AZ.

Cam and Sean couldn’t do it on their own anymore, so they made their first hires. Since then, the team has quickly expanded.


They decided to add a few business ventures to their resumes, buying a boutique - Mezona Market - and Sean’s family bakery - Sweet Cakes.

A program was started to take the mission worldwide. Anyone can apply to be a Wild Keeper - a steward in their own local communities.

Keep it Wild Co. became Keep Nature Wild. They decided to define the “it” in their name to focus on what is most important to us all - nature.