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Nevada Love | Sticker

This fan-favorite sticker shows off the vast beauty of Nevada! These stickers are easy to apply and almost impossible to destroy.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colored vinyl with a matte finish
  • 2.1” x 3”

This isn't your average outdoor gear... Every purchase helps fund and host local wilderness cleanups. Learn more and join a cleanup

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Pino
Absolute perfection!!!

I was scrolling through one of my social media sites and was targeted by an ad from Keep Nature Wild. Several times over several months I scrolled past it because it was from that one main social media platform that tracks every single thing we do and I was upset that it “knew me” well enough to constantly send me links to this site. Well, during quarantine, I gave in and said “Screw it!!” because 1. I had nothing better to do, 2. I absolutely LOVED the sticker design that kept popping up on my page and 3. I felt like if my world was possibly ganna come to an end that I wanted to make sure I had some rad stickers in my possession that my family could cover my casket with IF need be (sorry, not sure why I went dark with it. Probably all the stress & anxiety. LOL!). So I took a chance (really thought I would NEVER actually receive what I had spent my hard earned money on) and ordered (3).... “Outsider” “Could Use a Hug” and “Nevada Love”. I was elated when not only did I actually receive them BUT they were in my hands in less than a week, I got an extra sticker “Keep It Wild” AND THE BEST PART...a bag to fill with litter!!! Are you kidding me?!?! I had NOT researched anything about the company because I was CERTAIN that I would not get my stickers being, again, it was from an ad on that ridiculous social media site so to find out that they are legitimately one of the game changers in our screwed up, messy world and have love for our planet, pride in their product and dignity in their sales just made my gamble so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Some of you may thinks its nuts that I am rambling on about stickers but this company is soooooo much more and I will continue to purchase from them as long as I am alive or that they exist. THANK YOU KEEP NATURAL WILD! I wish you all the best of all things...PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS TO ALL! ✌🏼❤️😁✌🏼❤️😁
Oh ya, just incase you were still wondering about my review on the actual product...the stickers are GREAT QUALITY, very vibrant colors & a good size (I wouldn’t mind if they were 1/4”-1/2” larger 😄)

Patrick Brooks
Nevada sticker

Lovely sticker

Judith Vega

Love this sticker. It's super cute!

Great quality!

Super durable! Hope they make more versions of more states!

Angela Tomassetti

Super great quality and looks so nice I love this sticker