Wild Keeper Spotlight: Brianne Haug

Wild Keeper Spotlight: Brianne Haug

Meet 3rd term Wild Keeper, Brianne! Brianne is based in Corona, California, and is not only a Wild Keeper but has also come to many cleanups with us! 

Brianne shared that while growing up, her mom was always taking her and her siblings on day trips to arboretums, nature centers, and parks which led to her passion for getting outside. She said, "we would also spend our school breaks camping as a family. My mom would always stop and identify the 'fauna and flora' for us. The outdoors and caring for it is in my heart and soul." Hiking and family adventuring is Brianne's favorite way to get outside! 

When we asked what her most memorable experience outdoors so far has been, she said, "I am so obsessed with the outdoors and constantly mesmerized by its grandeur that it's hard to pick my most memorable outdoor experience. I do most of my adventuring with my husband and our two boys." When she reflected, she said, "our favorite outdoor experiences have been hiking and fishing in the Eastern Sierras, Berry Picking in Hood River, Oregon, sightseeing at Mount Rainier State Park, Snow Shoeing in the Sequoia National Forest, and watching Arizona Sunsets during KNW cleanups. My favorite part of these experiences is seeing them happen through my kiddos' eyes. It makes my mommy, nature-loving, heart sing to see their passion and knowledge for the earth around us."

Read even more about Brianne and her passion for the outdoors and picking up litter below! 

Keep Nature Wild:


KNW: What 3 things would you bring with you if you were going to be stranded in the forest?

B: My phone... not for calls, though! If I'm stranding myself in the forest, I won't be calling anyone. I would use it as a flashlight, camera, eReader, and hiking map. A hammock for relaxing, taking in nature, and using the eReader. Toilet paper ... biodegradable, of course, and clearly, I plan to be stranded during perfect temperatures, in an area with plenty of food and no predators. 

KNW: What would you pick between forests, mountains, or deserts?

B: Forests

KNW: Cabin, tent, or hotel (or something else!)

B: Cabin for winter/snowy mountain adventures. Tent for summer adventures [trailer if said summer adventures are in a desert] and a hotel for tropical getaways

KNW: What is your favorite thing about being a Wild Keeper?

B:  Striving to do better and to share that with my kiddos. Also, to be a part of a community that cares about the same things.

KNW:  What has picking up trash outdoors done for you?

B:  Well, it's a bummer to really see how much people don't care. And to have to answer the fundamental question from your kids of, "Mom, why would someone just leave their trash here? Don't they care about our planet?!" is a hard pill to swallow. If kids can see how easy and important it is, why can't others?

KNW:  Roughly how many pounds do you think you've picked up since you became a Wild Keeper?

B:  No idea. 😭 I haven't kept a personal count aside from filling out impact forms after a cleanup.

KNW:  What goals do you have for this year? (or beyond?)

B:  This year, I would like to learn to compost. I also have plans to further reduce my family's footprint.

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