Wild Keepers

What It Takes to Be a Wild Keeper

What It Takes to Be a Wild Keeper

Wild Keepers from all over have been coming together to help save the planet and each new term the Wild Keeper community continues to grow. 

So what does it take to become a Wild Keeper?

Wild Keeper Requirements

There are only a few required things to become a Wild Keeper that Keep It Wild looks for. All are super easy, but the last one is most important!

Every Wild Keeper must be 18 years of age or older and have a public Instagram. They also must be willing to post on specific dates for Impact Days, three to four posts per term. Each Wild Keeper has to be able to see the program through for one term and wear Keep It Wild gear in support of our mission to keep nature wild.

But the most important requirement is this: know the importance of keeping our nature wild and be willing to help keep it that way!

Keepin’ It Wild 

The only thing that truly matters is having a heart that’s ready to help nature stay wild. Whether you’re interested in saving nature for the trees, the wildlife, or for our future as humans, becoming a Wild Keeper is about knowing your love for the wilderness and keeping it as wild as we possibly can.

Why Be a Wild Keeper

Wild Keepers are here to keep our nature wild. Together as a community we’ve picked up over 45,845 pounds of trash. We focus on creating communities within our Wild Keeper tribes and leaving no trace when we wander into nature. 

Whether we’re helping out local wilderness or finding new ways to cleanup other places, we want to help you help nature.

Benefits of Being a Wild Keeper

For those who can walk the walk and talk the talk, Wild Keepers get the benefits of discounted Keep It Wild gear, opportunities to be featured on Keep It Wild’s Instagram and website, access to the founding team of Keep It Wild, connecting with a community of like-minded do-gooders, and having your cleanup efforts posted and documented on the Cleanup Map.

Summin' It Up

So to recap, all Wild Keepers must: 

  • Have a public Instagram. 
  • Be willing to post 3-4 times per Wild Keeper Term 
  • Post on Impact Days 
  • Wear Keep It Wild Gear 
  • Stick with the program for 1 term 
  • Be available for emails, texts, and group communication

When you’re ready to take on the responsibility of being a Wild Keeper, remember you need to have the requirements and a passion for keeping it wild!

Narrator: This blog was thoughtfully written by Erin Maxson. You can find her on Instagram @withdogshetravels.

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