The Night We Spent at Zion Wright Family Camp

The Night We Spent at Zion Wright Family Camp

The site is described as a "best kept secret," and holy cow - it really is. We originally booked the site because it's so close to Zion... but we never actually made it to the park. We just couldn't tear ourselves away from the beauty and stillness of the campsite. Not sure what the bigger surprise was - the hundreds of thousands of wildflowers, or the fact that we were the only ones there.

"My favorite part was how it seemed like a place you would want to spend the summer as a kid. Tons of wide open space, a perfect pond, and blooming wildflowers - all cozy and enclosed in the surrounding mountains. Also, ample photo opportunities made it a win as well," Terry, a camper in our group, said.

We took lots of pictures with the scenery as a background - and a couple where it was the main focus. Fonzie, another member of our group, couldn't stop talking about how amazingly bright the stars were at night - and I couldn't agree more.

"This place was amazing! I loved that we were alone. The wildflowers were from a movie scene. It felt super remote, like we have just pulled off the dirt road to camp at a scenic spot. It didn't feel like a campsite at all," Sam, another camper, said.

Speaking of dirt roads, the drive was a little rough. But if our 30 ft RV can make it, your vehicle will get the job done. And if you couldn't already tell, we definitely recommend bringing your camera.

This "best kept secret" gets a huge, enthusiastic thumbs up from us. We've already dubbed the Wright Family Camp an annual tradition. We'll see ya next year, that's for sure!

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