The 7 Perks of Being a Wild Keeper

The 7 Perks of Being a Wild Keeper

Keeping nature wild is its own reward, but we love to make it even more awesome for our Wild Keepers. Here are the seven exclusive perks you'll get when you become a Wild Keeper! 

1. Make New Friends

Our Wild Keeper Community has some of the most rad, kind, and passionate people on our planet! We know you'll fit in well. When you become a Wild Keeper, you're immediately connected with a community of Wild Keeper ambassadors from around the world that love nature as much as you do. Maybe you'll meet your new bestie or forever cleanup buddy! 

2. Exclusive Discounts and Giveaways

To celebrate the all the good that Wild Keepers do, we're happy to offer them exclusive discounts and giveaways. That's right. You get deals on everything in our store.*

3. Early Access to New Drops! 

As you know, we sell out fast, so Wild Keepers get first dibs on product drops. So you can snag your favorites before anyone else! 

4. Exclusive Wild Keeper Apparel

No one gets this stuff but our Wild Keepers. That's right. There's gear just for you. Do good, feel good, and look dang good keeping nature wild! 

5. Be a Part of Something Bigger

Wild Keepers are all part of a bigger mission to keep nature wild. So far we have picked up over 1,000,000 pounds of trash! And our goal is to pick up 10 million by 2028. Every piece of trash you pick up contributes to something way bigger than all of us!

6. Take Time for Nature

We are happy to give you another excuse to get outside and become more connected with nature. Feel the Earth beneath your feet and fresh air in your lungs. A nature walk is just what the doctor ordered!  

7. Do Good, Feel Good! 

You didn't create the problem of litter, but you can be a part of fixing it. Being a Wild Keeper is a simple, practical, and beautiful way to give back to nature. Inspire others and keep the beautiful trails and places you explore clean and wild! 

We want you to join us on our mission to keep nature wild through community and connection. Sign up to be a wild keeper here. 


*Excluding items already on sale

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