It's snowy outside: where do I pick up litter?

It's snowy outside: where do I pick up litter?

It's easier to have caring for the planet at the top of your mind when the weather is nice and the ground isn't covered in layers of leaves or snow, but caring for nature doesn't stop when the weather shifts! 

If you're wondering: where can I pick up litter when there is snow everywhere? Rest assured! We have a few recommendations for you.

1. Parks

Head to your local park, little league areas, dog parks, disc golf courses and other areas that get highly trafficked -- whether there is snow on the ground or not, it is likely to find litter!

2. Creek beds, banks and areas that are downstream

Litter travels with the water, so follow the current! If you head to downstream areas you are likely to find litter that is caught when the currents die down.

3. Winter Sport Areas

Whether it is a parking lot for a ski area, snowmobile trails, cross country or uphill ski areas, areas that families use for sledding, boat launches, ski resort areas, and the mountains that are near resorts are all locations with lots of people and a higher likelihood of being littered. 

4. Wind Tunnels

Wind can pick up and move litter all over the place. Check around bushes and shrubbery as well as near overpasses, tunnels and fences that are near the highway or interstate. 

When everything is blanketed in snow, it is harder to get outside and even harder to pick up litter. What we know is that every piece of litter we pick up is important and it all adds up! 

(Photo from Colorado Wild Keepers)

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