It's an Earth Day Celebration

It's an Earth Day Celebration

Not sure how to celebrate Earth Day? You're not alone.

Celebrating with ungrateful kids who take our life-sustaining planet for granted can seem impossible! If planet earth was some sort of secret-portal-bonus-level in Minecraft or something, we'd be in business. But it's not. It's Earth Day. 

Celebrating our planet. 

Usually my kids can get behind celebrating anything. It's trying to help them actually care or see that they can make a difference or take responsibility for the well-being of our Earth that is the true challenge. Something that feels meaningful and fun all at the same time! Things we have tried:

  • Plant something. Anything! Flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, even a new indoor plant! Seeing and caring for something that grows can almost seem magical to children. Put them in charge of where/what/how they plant something and make it their own to care for. 
  • Hike something. Something fun! With a destination swimming hole or waterfall. Maybe a place to throw rocks. Just being outside is therapeutic. Help them experience wild places so when they are older they have a nostalgic reason to protect them.
  • See something. Popcorn, treats, sweatpants and a movie that reminds our kids how awesome our world is? Even the indoorsiest of indoor people can get behind this one! So many good options for streaming movies at home. Born in China is on Netflix right now and is one of my kids' favorites! 
  • Clean something. Take a trash bag to your favorite trail, local park or just your neighborhood street. You might even get a few friends to join in! 

Simple activities that can be done any other day of the year are the best reminder that this isn't a one and done situation. Forming regular, even daily habits of beautifying, appreciating and taking care of this one planet we have is best because it's not like we live somewhere else the other 364 days of the year. Earth Day really is every day. 

Narrator: This blog was thoughtfully written by Brooke Ewing. You can find her on Instagram @brookenorma

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