5 Steps to a Sustainable Black Friday

5 Steps to a Sustainable Black Friday

As we head into November, finding the best deals for holiday shopping is at the top of most people's minds. We wanted to share some of the best ways to help you do good while you shop this year and give you tips on having a more sustainable GREEN Friday! 

Here is our 5-step Sustainable Shopping Guide:

No, really, get outside! This is one of our biggest priorities on Black Friday. We love to step away from the craze, long lines, deal-surfing, and disconnect in nature for a while. We take this time to focus on caring for nature, picking up some litter, enjoying beautiful views, and leading with intention when it comes to how we go about our shopping.

Instead of heading to big box stores for deals, be intentional about investing your dollars into your local community by shopping at small businesses that rely on you! Keep Nature Wild is a company based in Mesa, Arizona, with a team of 15 (including our warehouse team). Our small but mighty crew spends hours upon hours hand-packing and shipping your orders. Money staying in the local economy means it just gets to pour back into the community, which is a win-win for everyone! 

Why not have your dollars go towards a good cause if you're purchasing gifts? When you shop with mission-based brands, you not only get rad products, but your dollars also go towards funding impactful initiatives, nonprofits, and goals.

Here are eight mission-based brands we love and think you (or your loved ones!) will be thrilled to get something from this holiday season:

Keep Nature Wild, Rumpl, NOMAD Goods, Toad & Co., Bathing Culture, SOKO, Forsake Co., Sunski.

Think about gifts that support and encourage your loved ones to opt for more sustainable lifestyles! There are many options, from reusable water bottles to reusable bamboo utensils, our Keep Nature Wild fanny packs made from recycled materials, or our dog products that are made from upcycled climbing rope and materials! Another awesome site to scope is Plastic Freedom. They have a Green Friday movement where you can get your hands on eco-friendly and plastic-free gifts. You can also shop essential home products from brands like Baggu, Georganics, Moo & Yoo, Shower Blocks, and Wild Sage & Co. And, of course, for every product you purchase from Keep Nature Wild, we pick up one pound of trash. So you can win gifting season while helping the environment! 


Take the opportunity to volunteer, get involved with a local litter cleanup, join a good cause, or start your own project to help your community! Giving back sure does feel good!

Do you feel ready to shop mindfully and love on nature a little too?! We hope so. Enjoy your Green Friday and we hope to be a part of your holiday gifting season this year!  

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