18 Sustainable Gift Ideas For The Holidays

18 Sustainable Gift Ideas For The Holidays

The holiday season is here which means the prettiest mountain peaks are beaming with snow, trails are filled with cross country skiing, and a wide variety of other winter wonderland festivities are happening outside our doors!

It also means that time of the year where we’re continually bombarded with endless advertising for mindless consumerism, list making and an estimated 25 million tons of waste being thrown away.

But chances are, if you’re reading this, you care about the planet and want to make more sustainable choices this holiday season (which we love!).

So while somewhere north of $940 billion is estimated to be spent by consumers this 2020 holiday season, we’re sharing some of our favorite holiday gift ideas to help you shop more thoughtfully and sustainably this year.

For The Camping Enthusiast

Wild Playing Cards - Crafted from sustainable forest paper, starch-based laminating glue & vegetable-based printing inks, this card deck is a camping accessory that won’t get left behind!

Collapsible Solar-Powered Lantern - Help cozy up your friend or family member’s campsite with this sun-powered light. It’s perfect for nights spent reading in the tent and packs into tiny spaces for ease!

Reusable Silicone Bag - The most useful camping accessory for anyone & everyone! Perfect for packing up any car snacks, camp snacks, trail snacks, etc. Even better, it can be doubled as a cleanup accessory to pack in then pack out.

For The Homebody

Limited Edition Earth-Friendly Candles - With subtle scents of the great outdoors, these all-natural, soy-based candles are the perfect gift for the cozy months ahead. (Also, who doesn’t love candles?!)

Rechargeable Lighter - Forget those throwaway lighters that are so wasteful! This rechargeable, minimal lighter pairs perfectly with an eco-friendly candle.

Made For The Mountains Enamel Mug - Pairs perfectly with hot chocolate mix, a pair of KNW socks and a holiday movie experience!

For The Artsy Friend

Zero Waste Pottery Kit - Give the gift of fun! This “pottery with a purpose” kit can be used to make plant hangers, functional mugs and so much more.

The Trashy Collection Art Prints - Created with plastic bits & pieces collected from the shores of the Great Lakes and around the world, these art prints will add color to any space. Plus, every print supports a beach cleanup!

Natural Watercolor Paint Kit - An easy to pack painting kit made with kids in mind. But honestly, it’s pretty fun for adults too! (Pro Tip: let it be a tool to encourage extra stillness & admiration of Mother Nature as you utilize her for some artsy inspiration!)

For The Avid Trail Hiker

KNW Recycled Fanny Pack - Made from recycled materials, this fanny pack is the perfect accessory for traveling, hiking, cleanups and beyond. The person you gift this one to will wear it for years to come!

CamelBak x KNW Water Bottle - A hiking necessity! A good reusable water bottle is a must when out on the trails and this one was made just for that.

Cleanup Kit - The perfect gift for that friend that’s always hitting the trails! Pair it with a promise for a hike & picnic date.

For The Animal Lover

Recycled Climbing Rope Dog Leash - Let’s just say this is definitely not your average dog leash! Made from recycled climbing rope (!!!), this one’s a great gift for your friend or family dog owner.

KNW Recycled Dog Bag Dispenser - We take “leave it better than you found it '' very seriously, and yes that means your dog’s poo too! Throw in some compostable baggies, dog treats and a promise to hit the trails together soon!

Pet Shampoo Bar - Ditching plastic shampoo bottles isn’t just for your shower, it’s for your pets too! The perfect addition to any pet-loving friend or family member's gift.

For The ‘Say Yes To Any Adventure Friend’

Outdoorsy Stickers - Scroll through a wide range of KNW stickers and find the perfect one to gift! Think National Parks, the “I’d Rather Be Hiking” sentiment, and so much more.

Nocs Provisions Waterproof Binoculars - Coined as the “perfect travel binoculars” these are a fun new addition for your travel pack. They also have an incredible limited edition pair supporting & honoring Native Land which we highly recommend checking out.

Compact Portable Charger - This little charger holds 3 days worth of power and is something you’ll definitely want on hand when traveling, well, anywhere. Designed in California with sustainability at its core, NIMBLE believes in tech moving forward without leaving the environment behind.

About The Author:

Hannah Tizedes, founder of The Trashy Collection, is an artist, trash collector and sustainability educator based in Michigan. Connect with her on Instagram, @thetrashycollection, and find more of her work here.

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