10 Things You Didn't Know About Keep it Wild

10 Things You Didn't Know About Keep it Wild

1. Protecting wild places is a family value that runs strong at Keep it Wild. Started in 2016 by husband and wife duo, Cameron and Casi. Casi’s brother Sean is now on board as well as two other full-time employees.


2. Casi and Cameron also run Arizona Hikers Guide, making it easy for folks to get outside and hike in Arizona. 

3. A portion of the profits from Keep it Wild apparel goes directly back into the community. Keep it Wild doesn’t just give back monetarily - they directly facilitate cleanups all over the Southwest, making them a truly unique organization. 

4. Keep it Wild volunteers have picked up over 103,800 pounds of trash since 2016. That’s the weight of just over 65,000 Chipotle burritos! 

5. Nearly 100% of Keep it Wild products are made in a WRAP certified facility. That means that those sweet new shirts you’ve been eyeing were produced under lawful, ethical and humane conditions. What more incentive do you need to press “Add to Cart”? 

6. If you’re ever passing through Mesa, AZ, stop at Mezona Market, a southwest inspired boutique and bakery run by Keep it Wild. 

7. Ruby and Rosie are the official mascots of Keep it Wild and Arizona Hikers Guide. They are Cameron and Casi’s only children. 

8. Each season, Keep it Wild brings on 800 Wild Keepers - ambassadors committed to making an impact around the globe by picking up trash on their local trails, in their local parks and through their communities. These Wild Keepers not only make a difference by picking up trash, they document their stewardship on Instagram on Impact Days, encouraging others to Keep it Wild. Keep an eye out for Wild Keeper fall applications! 

9. Keep it Wild hosts group clean-ups regularly both in Arizona and other states! You can join and make a difference here

10. Based in AZ, Keep It Wild makes an impact on the world through their Wild Keeper program, their sustainable goods and their inspirational social media presence.

Narrator: This blog was thoughtfully written by Mikaela Ruland. You can find her on Instagram @airundermyheels.

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