Earth Month 2021 Impact Report

Earth Month 2021 Impact Report
This Earth Month was one for the books! We set a HUGE goal to collectively pick up 30,000 pounds of trash this month (doubling what we accomplished together during April 2020) and we knocked it out of the park!  From the hard work and dedication of Wild Keepers, to the volunteers that joined us at our in-person cleanups, and our brand and organization partnerships, we picked up a total of 42,685 pounds of trash from the wild this Earth Month, proving that together we can create change!  We’re so proud to be a part of this community that treats every single day like Earth Day. THANK YOU for making this an Earth Month we’ll never forget! - The KNW Team
42,685 pounds of trash picked up in April 2021. 34,685 picked up by Wild Keeper + partners around the world. 8,000 pounds picked up at KNW hosted cleanups
Wild Keeper Ambassadors + The KNW Community — Wild Keepers and the rest of the KNW community showed up and got their hands dirty this Earth Month!  We saw individuals pick up trash every day, organize group cleanups with their friends and community, pick up trash in the rain, snow, and sun, from the forests, to the deserts, to their own neighborhoods and city streets. This community is a force to be reckoned with! And we couldn’t be more proud  By submitting the trash they picked up on the KNW Impact Form, Wild Keepers and more recorded picking up 34,685 pounds of trash together.  THANK YOU.
Earth Month Cleanups — We hosted two Earth Month Cleanups around Phoenix, AZ! Both locations are infamous illegal dumpsites around the valley so there was no shortage of trash! Together we picked up 8,000 pounds of trash across both cleanups!  Thank you to all the volunteers that came out and joined us at a cleanup this month! We love getting outside and making an impact with you!
Earth Month Partnerships — We teamed up some great brands and organizations this Earth Month to make even more of an impact together! CamelBak x Keep Nature Wild. We partnered with CamelBak to launch the Limited Edition CamelBak x Keep Nature Wild Earth Month Bottles! Each bottle came with a cleanup kit inside making this partnership the ultimate Earth Day duo — cutting out single use water bottles and setting you up with everything you need to do a DIY cleanup in your own community! The CamelBak team got outside and  picked up trash, too! Picking up and recording a total of 237 pounds!
Only Human and Keep Nature Wild — We loved our Earth Month collaboration with fellow Arizona local clothing brand with a purpose, Only Human! Only Human included Keep Nature Wild Cleanup Kits with their orders and also hosted an urban cleanup in Downtown Phoenix where they picked up 150 pounds of trash!
More Earth Month Partnerships + Donations — Biodegradable Trash Bags donated in April: 780. @proofeyewear. Our friends over at Proof Eyewear picked up 30 pounds of trash around their office in Idaho! They also distributed trash bags to all of their ambassadors. @_wildwomenrunning. KNW Community Manager, Bri, hosted a cleanup with the Wild Women Running community! Together they picked up 172 pounds of trash in Phoenix!
@fitwellescapes. FitWell hosted a cleanup in Phoenix at Papago Park before their yoga class - picking up a total of 102 pounds from the beautiful red rocks! @rawcreatives_official.KNW Social Media Manager, Lauren, hosted a cleanup with Raw Creatives in Washington - even in the freezing rain! Together they picked up 72 pounds of trash around Rattlesnake Lake. @the.donut.runner. Wild Keeper, Laura Hall, and her sister Sarah, hosted a cleanup for Columbine Day of Service in honor of the victims of the Columbine and Boulder shootings. They picked up 3,000 pounds and raised money for the Colorado Healing Fund and Lake Mountain Trail Association.
Earth Day Every Day
Thank you to absolutely everyone that helped pick up 42,685 pounds of trash this April! This will be an Earth Month we won’t soon forget. Stay wild, The KNW Team.      Hosting a cleanup and interested in the donation of some KNW biodegradable trash bags? Find out more here.

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