Urban Trail Cleanup | Oct. 6, 2018

Urban Trail Cleanup | Oct. 6, 2018

The Event: 

We hosted a cleanup up in Flagstaff, AZ along the historic highway. Recently, we adopted a few spots within the Urban Trail System, so we always love an opportunity to get back up there and remove some trash from the wild! This weekend's haul included over 200 bags of trash, a bike, a porcelain sink, 4 suitcases and much, much more... all totaling over 4,650 lbs of trash! We absolutely loved getting to meet the 150 people that came out and cleaned up, and want to extend a thank you to each and every one of them for spending time with us and supporting our cause!



Thank you to the Sustainability Section of the City of Flagstaff for helping us set up this cleanup!

Upcoming Events:

We have more cleanups scheduled in 2018. You can learn more and register here

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