Sugar Loaf Cleanup | March 24, 2018

Sugar Loaf Cleanup | March 24, 2018

Video by Ethan Nuttall

The Event: 

Located in Fort McDowel, Sugar Loaf is a local shooting range that desperately needed some love. We had over 80 friends, family members, and Wild Keepers volunteer to pick up litter in the area. This cleanup was unlike any other because there was a staggering amount of trash. Bullet shells, clay pigeons, car parts, soda cans, and big items (such as water heaters, TVs, and computers) were everywhere. Even though we picked up over 4,500 lbs of trash, you wouldn't be able to tell that we were there. But the important part is that we were there. We set an example for others in the area and we made a difference. No amount of trash is too small to pick up - every bit counts. 

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who came to this cleanup. Thank you for supporting our mission, donating your time, and not being afraid to get your hands dirty. With your support, we are making a real and lasting impact on the local areas we freely enjoy. 


You can view and download the event photos here


Bobo's: Big shoutout to Bobo's for providing a bunch of their delicious oat bars for our volunteers! You guys are amazing!

Go Raw: Thank you to Go Raw for supplying us with some awesome bars - our volunteers loved them! 

That's It: A big thank you to That's It for providing fruit bars for all of our volunteers!  

Park Haus: Thank you to Park Haus for hauling and disposing all of the trash we picked up! 

Upcoming Events:

We have several more cleanups scheduled throughout the state. You can learn more and register here

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