Flagstaff Urban Trail Cleanup | Summary

Flagstaff Urban Trail Cleanup | Summary

5-4-19 Cleanup Summary

Cleanup Stats
Volunteers: 58
Trash Picked Up:  1,745 lbs.


This was such a great day for a cleanup!  We had beautiful weather, lots of volunteers, and plenty of work to do.  For those of you who are new, KNW has adopted 2 sections of the Urban Trail System in Flagstaff, AZ.  Our sections run along the historic Route 66 Highway and we are so proud to be able to take care of this section of land.  The section is heavily used and runs along the train tracks which accumulates lots of trash.  
We ended up collecting a little under 1,800 lbs of trash in just a few hours.  We host this event twice a year and it's one of the more family and dog-friendly cleanup events so come out and help in October! 

Check out the photos!

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