Wild Keepers 2020



  • Get down + dirty! As a Wild Keeper Ambassador, we’ll expect you to get outside and pick up trash, follow outdoor ethics, be kind to others, and explore responsibly.
  • When accepted into the program, you’ll be given 2 discount codes (sick, we know): one for your personal use, and one to share with friends and family.
  • All WKA's are added to the Wild Keeper Ambassador Slack Workspace at the beginning of their first term. Slack is where the magic happens! In Slack you can connect with all other WKA's, stay up-to-date on important info, and truly be a part of the community.
  • Be proud and rep your KNW gear AKA show it off! Stickers, hats, tees, tanks, any of it. We want our Ambassadors to feel confident and good about the KNW gear they wear and the impact it enables us to make together.
  • We expect WKA’s to post on their personal IG feed once a month on designated Impact Days AKA days where we flood the internet with trashy pics…😳😉 
  • WKA’s will report the trash they pick up by filling out the Impact Form at least once a month when they pick up trash.
  • WKA’s commit to a minimum of 4 months of participation as a Wild Keeper Ambassador.
  • Get social! Stay in touch with the Wild Keeper Ambassador Community, Mentors, and the KNW team through the Slack app, Instagram, and emails. 
  • Note: We’re sure you rock, but this program does not make you an employee, agent, franchisee, or partner of Keep Nature Wild. You cannot act on behalf of the company, resell provided products on unauthorized websites or in retail establishments. Bleh, that was boring. Thanks for hangin’ in there. 


  • You must be 18 years or older to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador. The lawyers made us - sorry!  
  • To be considered, you must be following @keepnaturewild on Instagram.
  • You must be active and public on Instagram with at least 100 followers (but we’re not sticklers, there are some exceptions to this one).    
  • Your account cannot be private or change to private throughout the program. How would we see how good of a Wild Keeper you are?! If it becomes private, you will automatically be removed from the program. 😬
  • Also on that note… If we can’t find your IG after Impact Day (so… if you change your handle, deactivate your account, etc.) you will be removed from the program, also. 

Okay that’s it! You in??

keep nature wild - wild keepers

Not ready to be a WK Ambassador but still want to share your impact?

Use our Impact Form - track your impact around the world!


Wild Keeper Ambassador FAQs


  • 18 years or older
  • Passionate about keeping nature wild
  • Follow @keepnaturewild on Instagram
  • Willing to share what you care about
  • Pick up trash outside
  • A public Instagram profile
  • Love your outdoors!


  • Inside access to launches & flash sales
  • Features on KNW Social 
  • Exclusive access to Instagram & Slack 
  • Discount codes for you & for family/friends 
  • Access to the KNW team
  • Participating in creating WKA exclusive merch

  • Make new friends & be a part of a one-of-a-kind community!!

Is there a difference between a Wild Keeper and a Wild Keeper Ambassador? 
There is! In our eyes, a Wild Keeper can be anyone that meets the characteristics listed under the next question below. Only those that have gone through the Wild Keeper Ambassador application process, been accepted, and are in the WKA Slack Workspace can be considered a Wild Keeper Ambassador. Ambassadors have more perks, a network of other Wild Keeper Ambassadors to connect with, and a little bit more responsibility to help keep nature wild with us. Want to apply to be an ambassador for the next term? Apply here.

What’s a Wild Keeper?
A Wild Keeper is someone that picks up trash outside, spreads positivity about the outdoors, and does their part to Keep Nature Wild! We encourage you to apply to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador for the next term to meet other like-minded people, join the community, and get some extra perks.


If I haven’t been accepted as a Wild Keep Ambassador yet, can I still help out in any way?
Yes! Please! We always encourage everyone to come to one of our scheduled cleanups if you can. It’s a great way to come help out, get your hands dirty and pick up some trash, and meet other like-minded people that have a passion for nature. Check out all our scheduled cleanups here.

You can also still record the trash you pick up with us through the Impact Form and contribute to our goal of picking up 1,000,000 pounds of trash together by 2023! You don’t have to be accepted as a Wild Keeper Ambassador to do this. Head here to fill out an Impact Form and record your impact! 

I applied to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador a while ago… when will I hear if I’m accepted?
Thanks so much for applying! We will start going through applications for the next term 3-weeks before the beginning of the next term. The term dates are as follows:

  • WKA Spring 2020 Term: February - May
  • WKA Summer 2020 Term: June - September
  • WKA Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Term: October - January

    What’s a Wild Keeper Mentor?
    A Wild Keeper Mentor is an experienced Wild Keeper Ambassador who has gone through the program before and we see fit to be a good leader. The Wild Keeper Mentors are here to be big brother(s)/big sister(s) for the WKAs. We ask Mentors to:

    • Help us check WKAs are posting on Impact Days
    • Lead conversations in Slack
    • Engage with WKA's in Slack and IG
    • Be there to help and assist WKAs that may need it
    • Be the best example of a Wild Keeper Ambassador! 

    If you’re already a Wild Keeper Ambassador and you’re interested in becoming a Wild Keeper Mentor you can shoot Sean or Alex a direct message in the Wild Keeper Slack workspace!

    What hashtags should I use on Impact Day posts?
    Use hashtags #wildkeepers, #keepnaturewild, and #impactday on your monthly Impact Day Instagram Posts! You can find more info on how to post on Impact Days, inspiration for posts and more in the Wild Keeper Social Media Tool Kit found on the WKA Only page!

    When am I supposed to record the trash I pick up? 
    Whenever you pick it up! We just ask that you pick up and record your impact at least once a month as a Wild Keeper Ambassador. You don’t have to wait until Impact Day, but you can if you want! Record you impact here.

    Do I need to own gear from Keep Nature Wild to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador?
    We highly encourage that you do, even if it’s just a sticker. It’s how we can continue to support the Wild Keeper Ambassador program, continue to host cleanup events around the U.S, and spread the mission of keeping nature wild! We also highly encourage that your Keep Nature Wild gear is in your Impact Day posts! 

    Do I have to be located in AZ to be accepted as a Wild Keeper Ambassador? 
    No way, yo! You can be from anywhere around the World and apply to be a Wild Keeper Ambassador! We want the make a positive impact everywhere and anywhere and we want everyone to be out picking up trash!

    Do you have to have a big following on social media to be accepted as a Wild Keeper Ambassador?
    Nope! We’re just looking for people that are passionate and committed about helping to keep nature wild!

    Can you be an ambassador multiple times?
    Yes! Your ambassadorship will roll over into the next term as long as you are picking up trash, posting on Impact Day and recording the trash you pick up on the Impact Map!

    You’ll get an email before the next term begins letting you know if you’ve been accepted into the next term.

    Are we still supposed to use the Wild Keeper Facebook Groups?
    Nope, not necessary. We’ve found that Facebook groups aren’t the best option for staying connected with other Wild Keeper Ambassadors - we’ve moved to a Wild Keeper Ambassador Slack Channel that you will get an invite to join on the first day of the term if you’ve been accepted!

    Where can I dispose of the trash I pick up?
    Good question… Unfortunately, the best place to put it is in the dumpster - it’s not great, but it’s better than having it out in the wild. If you can, you can also separate out any recyclables you’ve picked up and throw them in the recycling bin (check your local recycling guidelines first, though! They’re different everywhere.)