Summer '21 applications opening soon!

Applications open once every quarter. Want to be notified when applications open again for the Summer 2021 term?

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The Perks of Being a Wild Keeper

  • Exclusive deals and giveaways just for Wild Keepers!
  • Early access to select product drops
  • Become connected with out community of thousands of Wild Keepers around the world!
  • Feel good about giving back to nature!
  • Another excuse to get outside and get connected with nature
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What does the Ambassador Program look like?

  • Get outside and pick up trash at least once a month.
  • Post once a month on your Instagram feed on designated Impact Days, super easy!
  • Very important! You must record your trash weight by recording the trash you pick up through our online Impact Form - it takes less than 1 minute!
  • By signing up, you're committing to 4 months as a Wild Keeper Ambassador with the option to always roll over into the next term!
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I want in, what are the requirements?

  • You need to be 18 or older. Sorry, legally we have to...
  • You must be following @keepnaturewild on Instagram
  • You must be active on Instagram! Posting at least one in the past 4 weeks. We build our community on connection and taking action in the outdoors. We encourage our ambassadors to do the same!
  • If your Instagram account in private, we just ask that you show us your feed so we can approve your app!