Hey, Wild Keeper!

We are SUPER excited to share some news with our Wild Keeper Community first! 

First off, thank you thank you thank you. YOU made this program grow. YOU made the impact. YOU made it a success. 

Now for the exciting announcement! We want to take the Wild Keepers program and make it available to ALL. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to make impact, any time, any where!

Here's Melissa breaking it all down for you in video: (comment and tell her she did a great job! ;) )

We have some changes to the Wild Keeper Program and here's what you need to know: 

  • More inclusive to all
  • No waiting on terms as terms are no longer part of the program
  • Join a Facebook Group at any time
  • Impact Day will still be once a month as a celebration of the month’s impact
  • #impactday is now #knwpickupparty !!! 
  • Impact can now be recorded at any time through the Impact Form
  • More opportunities to help and participate
  • Better opportunities to connect with like-minded people

Where you can help:

  • Join your regional Facebook Group
  • Invite all your friends, family and coworkers to join
  • Spread the word and promote on your social channels with #wildkeepers
  • Keep picking up trash and entering the weight collected on the new Impact Form

We know these are some big changes, but we're confident that with your support, we can make it happen. Let's take it to the next level!