Our Mission

- Our products have purpose -

We pick up one pound of trash for every product sold!

Building community by picking up trash outside

Our message is something people all over the world can get behind. That’s why we started the Wild Keepers program. Anyone who is dedicated to keeping nature trash-free, and wants to spread the word in their local communities, can be a Wild Keeper.


We stand for what we stand on

Our mission is to build communities by picking up trash outside. With our Wild Keepers, we pick up one pound of trash for every product purchased. 

Use funds to sponsor cleanups

We do more than just sell cool stuff. We host a minimum of twelve cleanups a year and mobilize people from all over the world to host cleanups sponsored by Keep Nature Wild.


Make products with nature in mind

We get inspiration from the wild places around us. Each product is a reminder to get out there and explore - whether that means climbing a mountain or just taking a walk down the street.


Make the world a better place

Our goal is to remove 1,000,000 pounds of trash by 2023. Together with our Wild Keepers, we’re making an impact, one piece of trash at a time.

Our Core Values

  1. Be a doer
  2. B be generous
  3. Mission first, selling second
  4. Add value 
  5. Be inclusive
  6. Check your intent
  7. Have fun. Do good. Meet someone new.
  8. Practice what we preach
  9. Collaboration over competition
  10. Radiate positivity