It's grassroots. It's hard work. It's real impact.

At Keep Nature Wild, we are committed to creating a community full of doer's in a world full of talkers. We've decided to step up and take responsibility for the wild places that we freely enjoy by hosting and funding our own cleanup efforts.  We invite everyone to come and take action with us as we go about trying to keep our wild places wild. 

How it works

Every time we sell a product a portion of that sale is used to host localized cleanup efforts. 

What your purchase funds:

  1. Supplies for cleanups: Bags, trash pickers, buckets, gloves, etc.
  2. Food and water at each event
  3. A dedicated Keep Nature Wild Cleanup Coordinator
  4. Promotional materials for the events
  5. Dumpster charges
  6. Website apps for registration and communication
  7. Cleanup kits
  8. Liability insurance for events
  9. Maintain an ambassador program that sponsors thousands of Wild Keepers
  10. And a host of other things that cost money to ensure cleanups are successful and impactful