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For every product you purchase, we pick up one pound of trash from the wild.

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Anna G.

Great shirt with a great dog image

Love the cute “golden doodle” graphic, nice shirt and fits well. Love that the dog looks like my pup!

Ashley C.

Perfect for traveling the world

After scouring online for the perfect fanny pack to use for traveling the world for a year I found it! It’s just right!

Laura W.


It’s so soft and flattering. I never adjust it. It’s never seen the inside of my shirt drawer because I always pull it out of the dryer to wear it. The color looks great, too. Will be ordering more!

Cara W.

Perfect shirt for hanging in the woods!

This shirt is super soft and comfy! I love it. I wore it all weekend hiking and hanging in the woods!

Our Mission & Impact

We care deeply about our planet and doing our part to keep nature wild! From the cleanups we host to the products we design, sustainability is always top of mind.

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